A bit of background about myself – I am a non believer – I’d rather know for myself. I have spent more than 30 years of my life searching for the truth; I cannot tell you that I have found it, so elusive that it is, but at least I can say that I am not searching anymore. I know my basics – here they are. When people ask me where I am from I answer clearly: I am from here. When I am asked what the time is I answer the obvious: it is now. These two fundamental questions and answers define the way I conduct my life. I am always present wherever I am and agreeable with whatever is going on in this moment. I miss only the ones I am with and crave for nothing. The future is only alive and true in my dream of it now hence I relate to it as if it’s already happened, when it comes if it comes it will be just now – one everlasting, constantly unfolding now. Like me, you too are fully living in the here and now, simply because there is no other place and no other time that can be experienced. You may however be disagreeable with it and crave to be somewhere else, such as the non-existent past or future. When we internalize the fact that we are living in the here and now and that there is no other place or time it gives us a true sense of stability, a base to operate from. From such a base we can deal with the rapidly changing world around us. Being here and now is like standing on a surf board, catching wave after wave of the endless ebbs and tides in the sea of change. Not trying to resist it but rather being attentive, adaptive and flowing with it.

thinking out of the box

I speak to audiences worldwide usually in corporate environments and one of my favorite themes is ‘think out of the box’.

I conclude that there is nothing boxy about the world; it is only the world we have created, the man-made world that is boxy – boxy homes, boxy cars, boxy offices, boxed food, boxed ideologies and nationalities, boxed needs and wants, fear to step out of the safety of the box, and when we die they put us in a box.

The box is an all-encompassing place, it is our creed, our religion and we are willing to defend it to our life. It is hard for us to accept that in fact we are all products of conditioned and manipulated environments, that we are detached from our true essence: we are free living beings, here to express ourselves and grow on the abundant planet earth. Instead we cling and won’t let go of what we were taught to believe and accept as truth.

If we could allow our true nature to surface our perception would dramatically change, after all wisdom is inherent while knowledge is something we learn.

In my opinion, my firm belief and in most part also my own experience is that we need to undo the learning, forget the knowledge or at least place it where it belongs and allow our innate wisdom to surface.

times of change and crisis

These times are challenging; the environments as we know them are rapidly dissolving, nothing stays put, great transitions are sweeping every aspect of our lives in an age of uncertainty and great anxiety. Moreover the recent global economic recession has found most of us unprepared, many people have lost vast amounts of money and with this their illusions of security. Once again we have come to realize that life is a dangerous place.

Adapting to rapidly changing times and environments under extreme stress is easy. Crisis management is also easy. It is the mundane daily grind that is really tough.

When adversity strikes, when everything suddenly changes the best possible strategy is not resisting but rather adapting. Adaptation is the very essence of survival and survival is something we do not need to learn – we are naturally very good at for that is what has brought us to this place in time and age. In times of ‘real’ crisis all our faculties are honed, the mind is crisp and sharp as a blade, no clouds of worries roam in our mind, no negative emotions hinder us. We take action, precisely and economically to maximize energy efficiency. A feeling of well-being spreads, a feeling of being in the right place at the right time – this is living.

In regular times on the other hand, we always find something to complain about, we do not appreciate and lack gratitude for the kindness of life; we are complacent and uninspired – mundane times are much tougher to handle than crisis because our true nature is buried under clouds of false perceptions. We are either cocky or we are insecure – we are afraid to shine. A ‘real’ crisis breaks the walls of our box and shakes us until our true colors show. So bless the crisis rather than curse.

If you’ve lost something, be it property, assets, money, position, your toys, remember these were never yours, for what is yours can never be taken from you. You can never be a victim if you live in the present moment fully engaged and ready for action. This is how nature operates – the past is gone – only this moment is real. The future is a blank canvas ready to print your level of awareness and translate it to life as it unfolds. The world is as you are, it is all open and up to you.

The times they are changing in an ever-increasing pace; before we know it a new phase shall descend upon us. We must have trust in the process and not get attached to anything but our ability to deal with the circumstances as they unfold. This ability is the art of living, this virtue the most essential for our survival, and we all possess it inherently, we don’t need to learn it and we don’t have to change, we don’t have to do anything contrived, all we have to do is trust life and trust ourselves for we too are life. When we are present, trusting and open to experiencing whatever life brings us, the adaptation occurs naturally. It is only when we are in the merciless grip of fear, paralyzed by uncertainty and disenchanted by worries of what is yet to come that we sever our deep connection to the flow of life, we fall off the eternal surfboard of being here and now, into an ocean of confusion and self doubt.

economic mad cow disease

The current global recession in my opinion is the economic equivalent of the Creutzfeld-Jacob disease aka mad cow disease. I feel the economic system is disgusted with itself, suffering from acute greed and poisoning, it collapsed into deep depression. Feeding cows to themselves is as unethical and disgusting as the conduct of the financial industry feeding itself money. When the captains at the helm are blinded by greed it is of no wonder all the ships shall sink. A system based on manipulation and speculation with a core creed of pure greed is so remote from the real needs of this world. The financial system is sick and it is purging. This process is healthy, it is a cleanse, a very necessary purification process, and yes it hurts, but hurts do not equal bad necessarily, many times hurt is very positive.

This crisis is not about lack of resources for nothing is lacking on this lush planet. There is no energy crisis and the crisis is not due to dwindling fossil fuels – I don’t buy that theory. Within the last couple of years we have suddenly been exposed to tremendous strategies and technologies for alternative energy that are ecologically friendly and I am positive that within a decade we will all be driving cars of non-fossil, efficient energy.

What we are experiencing now in my opinion is a major shift in consciousness of the entire planet. The turmoil in times like this is natural. Humanity is going through a major shift of values. Take our relationship with the environment – it seems the penny has dropped and we finally understand that our actions are detrimental to our own existence on this planet. It is now clear to most of us that we have to tread more gingerly and more respectfully and that global warming does not mean more days on the beach but rather it means melting polar caps, chaotic weather patterns and an uncertain future for generations to come. We understand now that we live in an ecosystem, that we need to be aware of the fragile environment and responsible in our conduct.

Another example is our relationship with technology; it has become part of who we are, these are digital times and we are all turning into digital natives. The IT evolution we are part of is many times greater than the industrial revolution. Technology pulls our evolution forward not in a linear line but rather at an exponential pace into a new era. The digital revolution has expanded our horizons, physical distances have become meaningless and our collective consciousness has become part of one throbbing, global pulse.


This crisis is an opportunity for all of us to adjust our values. We are moving into a new era of understanding and internalizing the concept of ecosystem – a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment (dictionary.com).

ecosystem is a living thing that contains inherent wisdom of itself.

ecosystem is dependent on the well being of whole of its components.

we are part of an ecosystem, each of us is important to the survival of the whole.

When observing an ecosystem one can discern this innate wisdom and its principles. The well-being of all is inherent to the system. Each species in the ecosystem carves a niche based on relative advantage. This type of specialization makes the species thrive and allows the entire system to prosper. If you look at the Amazon rainforest ecosystem, the most densely populated place on earth, you’ll see that 50% of all living beings are concentrated in an area that is less than 4% of the earth, and all these species thrive, no one goes hungry and no one becomes extinct. There is enough food and enough energy. How can it be? It is hard for us to understand because we are trained to think that resources are scarce and about to run out – with that type of thought we conclude – if there is not enough – it better be mine not yours. This is the source of competition and the end of cooperation and in competition everything is accepted – in fact a prevalent corporate expression is ‘kill the competition’.

When we review issues such as social injustice, hunger stricken countries, political intolerance, oppression and abuse, conflict and war and ethnic and religious tensions leading to discrimination and terror, we understand that our ecosystem is sick. These issues and problems are not someone else’s problems – an ecosystem is a whole – you cannot have one part bleeding and the rest pretending everything is going well. It is about everything and everybody. This is a fact and we cannot longer avoid it. Each one of us is responsible for the whole, separation is based on false knowledge we have acquired and is not the reality of the world we live in.

I recently published a new book of insights titled ‘Laws of the Jungle – Jaguars Don’t Need Self-Help Books’. The book consists of nine universal laws, ecosystem laws, laws that nature operates by. In this book I assert that it is futile to go against these natural principles; they are monumental and overwhelming, try to resist them and you will be crushed. Flow with them and you are as invincible as life itself.

All my love and blessings