Get ahead of the curve with this keynote speech by Yossi Ghinsberg, which is abundant with original thinking on the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the trends and values of the emerging new world.

Passionate and positively charged with contagious optimism, Yossi recounts a true story from his past that demonstrates the tremendous power of a timely idea to create new reality and change the world. This is the truly inspirational tale of a dying village in the remote Bolivian Amazon bravely trying to save itself from oblivion.

Ten years after Yossi dodged death in the Amazon, he returned to the isolated Tuichi valley to thank the members of the Takana tribe who had saved his life. In a dramatic reunion the forest-wise Takanas challenged Yossi to help them sustain the life of their community, an offer Yossi could not turn down. Together they attempted the impossible.

The problem faced by the Takana people is one faced by other indigenous groups and by small communities around the globe: The young people were leaving the village, abandoning the life of their ancestors, to look for a better future finding work in bigger towns and cities — usually finding themselves hired as cheap labourers. The three leaders of the village dared to dream of a totally different future, one that would stop the young people from leaving and provide exciting opportunities for employment in their village.

To help the Takana people effectively Yossi needed to learn a lot very quickly about his new partners. After studying the Takana culture and life in the forest as well as considering the politics and battle over resources between exploiters and conservationists, Yossi identified an opportunity.

The solution came to Yossi during a moment of enlightenment as he was immersed in nature. He shared his transformative vision for a brave new venture with his indigenous partners and they, too, were forever transformed. Chalalan Ecolodge, an eco-tourism destination, was built and has become one of the most celebrated resorts in the entire Amazon basin. An estimated 70% of the the Takana population now work in tourism and hospitality, making the indigenous underdogs from the forest local heroes. In this keynote talk Yossi will expand on some of the unique challenges and opportunities he and his Takana partners faced.

The creation of Chalalan Ecolodge not only saved the forest from miners and loggers but was instrumental in having the entire region, which is home to some of the richest biodiversity on the planet, declared and protected as Madidi National Park. In recent years the Takana people have hosted Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden, as well as Hollywood royalty including comedian Jim Carrey and celebrated actor Brad Pitt. This success story has inspired and empowered many indigenous communities in Brazil to take a similar approach to protect their own communities and way of life.

Yossi’s experience with the Takana tribe reminds audiences that as professionals and adults we tend to limit our vision and doubt our own ability to be a force in the world. It is a strong reminder to organizations that new perspectives are needed, especially when tectonic plates are moving. Adapting to timely ideas and daring to render new visions into reality means facing risks and sacrifices head on with courage and innovative thinking.

Every story has the possibility of becoming one of triumph against all odds. Yossi’s experience with Chalalan shows the power of a timely idea can transform not only one community but the entire world.

Yossi’s infectious enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge about modeling a business on eco-system principles makes this keynote one of the most transformative and meaningful keynote sessions available to corporate clients today. Inquire about booking Yossi as a keynote speaker for your event or conference now.