Yossi Ghinsberg’s amazing true story of survival is a timeless metaphor for how to face up to the challenges and uncertainties of everyday business life.

After being separated from his friends on what was supposed to be a four-day trek, Yossi wandered lost and alone for three weeks in the heart of the uncharted Amazon jungle. He managed to survive without food or weapons during the worst rainy season in decades, despite combating colossal adversities that included isolation, injuries, disease, starvation, the elements, and a predator. Yossi survived a face-to-face encounter with a jaguar, the ultimate beast of prey, before his miraculous rescue.

Through this amazing experience, Yossi arrived at a new level of personal understanding as well as deeper appreciation for the human spirit. He is awed by the human ability to overcome even the greatest challenges by adapting, focusing on action, innovating, and ultimately transforming heroically.

How do the Laws of the Jungle apply to business? Admittedly in business the challenges your team will face will be different to those Yossi faced in the Brazilian jungle, but the strength to overcome, the will to survive, and the ability to find solutions when the situation is dire are messages that transcend. As an expert motivational speaker, Yossi’s role is to show your team they can find the answers to their problems if they just have the courage, the ingenuity, and the temerity to believe in themselves, back each other, and find the solution.

Best of all, Yossi is a master storyteller, who shares his hard-won insights with his audiences in a way that offers them practical lessons and self-knowledge, skills that can be utilized immediately, and inspiration to fuel vision, innovation, and energized action. Businesses and industries must change, finding solutions as they continue to meet the demands of everyday — even when they face circumstances for which there is no precedent or textbook remedy.

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