The world we live in needs a new type of political and corporate leadership, working from a base of wisdom and timely core values. We need leaders that work towards the well being of all of us. Planetary leaders for a planetary ecosystem.

Here is one such inspired leader, Mr. Nochi Danker of IDB Israel’s biggest holding company. When he ceased control of it in 2002 he first sat to write its credo of ten corporate goals to guide, inspire and set in motion. Amongst these first was the sound drive to return the highest yield to the shareholders; last was the determination to responsibly give back to society. Only one year later Mr. Danker called for a dramatic shareholder meeting in the cultural hall of ‘Qiryat Shmona’ a northern frontier town under the volcano of hizbulla wrath. Mr. Danker summoned the meeting for the purpose of moving the ten’s commitment to the front, second only to profitability.

Danker (54), started his career as a lawyer but was inclined to move to the more allowing and creative entrepreneurial realms of business, starting with ‘Ganden’, his own holding company. In 2002 while the israeli market was going through major setbacks and the geopolitical environments as unstable as ever, the opportunity to take over IDB cropped up. Before making the decision Mr. Danker travelled north to meet is friend, a famous rabbi known as ‘the rentgen’, (the x-ray), for his ability to pierce through the veils of the unknown. Mr. Danker was very straitforward; should i stay with my small company? bid for IDB or go to the Himalayas to meditate upon life? The rabbi said; the Himalayas can wait, go for IDB. So he did.

Iconically handsome yet down to earth he is revered as a prodigy in his community. he turned IDB into a giant of diverse solid investments. Was it the rabbi again or his own astute senses to foresee the current financial crisis two years in advance and safely navigate IDB through the rough in a series of transaction not short of business genius.

In a rare interview to israel’s largest daily ‘yediot hacharonot’ he was asked to give some advise and inspiration to young emerging entrepreneurs.
Here it is:

  • -Dream for dreams are the driving force that move you forward.
  • -Believe in yourself, otherwise how would others believe in you.
  • -Don’t walk alone you need a great team with you.
  • -Integrity should never be compromised – always deliver on your word.
  • -Lean on your tenacity and endurance.
  • -Set your mind on the target and don’t allow anything to distract you.
  • -Be flexible and know to let go, discern changing market conditions, at times be wise enough to change the target.
  • -know that you need luck to be successful.

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