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Wendy Hand
Managing Partner Big Yellow Suitcase
It's always a challenge to find speakers of the right caliber for these high profile events. Your story of survival against all odds was both fascinating and challenging. You possess the extremely rare gift of a great storyteller with the ability to create word pictures which capture the imagination of an audience and take them on a journey with you. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future.
Sumant Batra
Founder, Kumaon Literary Festival
Thank you Yossi! You were a big hit at the festival
Brendan Nicholls
Manager Precision Instruments Division, Olympus
After hearing Yossi speak last year at the Corporate Lunch, I felt he would be an ideal candidate to inspire and encourage our Sales Team to new heights and to push the boundaries. I am pleased to say that Yossi’s speech/presentation did achieve the desired result. Everyone who participated in the evening had nothing but glowing references and felt an enormous sense of exhilaration in recounting Yossi’s story. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other companies thinking of using him in a similar situation.
Atul Mehta
President, orthodontist
Australian society of orthodontist Yossi’s story is inspiring to everyone – it is a story about human survival. However, through his experiences, Yossi provides thought-provoking questions to understanding oneself and the purpose of life. He captivated the audience through his demonstration of strength and bravery, his path to self-discovery and his enthusiasm in story telling. We all have dreams and he brought alive the realisation that in order to achieve our dreams we have to make sacrifices. The sharing of his experiences has made a difference to each person in the audience and that is a very special talent to have.
Monica Saunders
Everyone is still on such high because the response to you was incredible. it is so important for our age group to hear first hand and from a positive point of view that any negative experience can be turned into a positive one – it is all within our power. You really brought that message home. ‘many people don’t get that opportunity until its too late to realise how special life is and that is why what you do is so special and you should honour your gift as much as possible. may God bless you with many healthy years so you can continue to grow in yourself and therefore teach others through your experiences.
General Motors
I also received very positive feedback from your very articulate, interesting performance. Many dealers were capable of quoting the key messages from your story..which is exactly what we hoped for.
Erika Gisser
Hospital Business Executive, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals
Everyone who participated in the evening had nothing but glowing references and felt an enormous sense of exhilaration in recounting Yossi’s story. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other companies thinking of using him in a similar situation.
Lori Vanston
Professional Development Manager, BMW
I feel like I may have made a new friend. We are very pleased, as you know, with your presentation… Thank you for your candor and honesty and for your easy working relationship. Please keep in touch.
Peter Martindale
AXA Financial Advice
I was fortunate to be a member of a conference in which Yossie Ghinsberg was one of the guest speakers. In my opinion and that of many delegates to whom i spoke, Yossie was the most moving presenter at the conference. He has that unique and uncanny ability to tell a story in three dimensions, with passion and leave you on the edge of your seat. When he concluded his story, we all felt like standing up and cheering that he had been rescued just in time. His real message was powerful as well. I was taken by the way that he told his simple story about how he looked at the world differently after he had been given his life back. The story of four adventurers heading off into the Amazon was colorful, rich and vivid. The experience of losing his best friend will live with me for many years to come. I would strongly recommend Yossi as a keynote speaker at any future conference where you wish the audience to be entertained, motivated and reflect on their own lives. Like me, they may consider their golas for the future.
Ron Yariv
Managing Director International Sales, Hilton
In March 2004, we held our Alliance Sales Team of Hilton International and Hilton Hotels Corporation meeting, at the Waldorf Astoria, New York. The Alliance Sales team is a join venture between the two companies, working towards the achievement of global deployment and sales coverage. The Alliance Sales team members are based all over the world, from Japan to Germany. The motto of the meeting was “The Alliance Team Can Change the World.” I looked for a key note speaker who was able to deliver the message that it is up to the team to lead the changes in the way we do business between the two companies. I met Yossi several times before the meeting, and felt he was the right person to be my key note speaker. I was not disappointed. Yossi’s presented to the group at the end of two long days. He motivated the audience with his story. After Yossi’s presentation, one of the vice presidents of sales commented that “it will take the team some time to understand what a great experience they went through listening to Yossi.” What I like about working with Yossi is the fact that he takes his time to learn who the audience is before the presentation. He also attended the final dinner to talk to the team to get their feedback. He also followed up by issuing a clear written message of his presentation. I highly recommend Yossi when you look for a presenter that is different to the day to day business routine. He is a great motivator and speaker.
Graham Smith
CEO, BOC Gases
Indeed it was our privilege to have you as our guest speaker at our recent conference. The feedback from BOC people was very positive. You inspired them with the theme,content and delivery of your amazing story in the Amazon and even now I hear shouts of “Where is it?” around the business! Thank you so much for helping us deliver a great conference to the business. Thank you,
Cheryl Murray
Regional Manager South Asia, YPO-WPO, Young Presidents Organization
It was a pleasure meeting you and I am absolutely awed and deeply inspired by your story. I am greatly inspired by your advice on adversity and having the choice to become a victim.I must tell you how much you inspired them all. Now they all want to read your books and see the film.
Jeff Kalpak
June 19, 2004 I just wanted to say THANKS for the incredible presentation you gave in Monte Carlo for the Bayer European Conference. The presentation was amazing — guests were riveted to your story, understood the parallels you drew regarding their own lives, and ultimately came away with a very memorable experience. You are also one of the easiest people to work with I have ever met! Thank you for your flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of event producer! I am especially appreciative of the time you put in to fully understand the specifics of this symposium and audience. I thoroughly enjoyed your book — a perfect compliment to your presentation. I would strongly urge that clients who engage your services consider offering your book to their attendees. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us at this conference. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Very best regards,
Graham Bull
Marketing & Communications ManagerGraham Bull, Nikken Welness
On behalf of Nikken and our Consultants who attended our National Convention in Melbourne, I would like to thank you for sharing your unique and inspiring story of survival with us. Your natural and unpretentious style combined with both emotion and humour won the hearts of the entire audience. You had everyone spellbound from start to finish.
Penny Wilson
Director Queensland Hospitality Industry Conference & Expo
On behalf of the directors of the Queensland Hospitality Industry Conference and Expo, I would like to thank you for speaking at the Conference on Tuesday, 17 April at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Your amazingly inspirational presentation was well received by the audience who were mesmerised and hanging off your every word! The audience were with you every step of the way on your journey and determination to survive your life threatening ordeal, wonderful!
Sandra Passaro
Convention and Incentive Sales Manager, Gold Coast Tourism Bureau
On behalf of the Gold Coast Tourism Bureau and the Australian Association of Convention Bureaus (AACB), I would like to thank you for your contribution in making the AACB Gold Coast Conference such a success – you are in a class of your own. As your story is about courage, loss and challenges, it transported the listeners into your experiences, into your awakening. Your delivery was powerful and effective and you certainly had the audience with you all the way, conquered, inspired and enriched. You would no doubt have noticed during the coffee break that followed your presentation the magnetic pull you have – it was wonderful to witness – you were like the Pied Piper – people were mesmerised by you. I know I speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say I wish you could have spoken for another hour or two. I have seen your presentation on two separate occasions and when I sat down to listen to you last week, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time – that is how skilled you are as a storyteller? Thank you again and I look forward to the next time we meet.
Mr. Anil K. Jha
General Manager – HR, Organic India
Organic India was delighted to have Mr. Yossi Ghinsberg deliver such a Fantastic and Experiential lecture and does not have any hesitation in recommending him to any company or organization, who are looking for a speaker in the areas of Motivation, Inspirational Empowerment & Personality Development through Experiential Learning.
Financial Advice
Our mission is to help people, by providing personalised financial planning advice in a professional and ethical manner.
Mars Sota Jr.
BP Asia Pacific
It was definitely a pleasure meeting you, and hearing a wealth of experience that not many of us would go through. No doubt in my mind when we chose you that you would give us a fresh new perspective at looking at the business, especially of managing our people and ourselves. I believe that only when we come to grips with ourselves that we become effective and efficient leaders. attached is my feedback. Yossi’s sharing of his life story was a subtle way of looking ourselves at a mirror, introspecting right down to the very fabric of our personality that’s often clouded by volumes, numbers and profits, and rediscover those champion genes flowing in our blood. Really going back to the basics and what is essential. I would call our session a gentle jerk on the brain and the being- very refreshing and reassuring.
Christopher Stenhouse
General Manager Customer Care Strategy, Telstra
Thank you again for your involvement in our recent Customer Care conference. Your story and style of delivery was extremely moving and inspiring, as you saw for yourself. You speak in a way that allows your audience to relate the content easily to their own situations, making it all the more powerful an address. Now, over a month since the conference, I am still receiving requests for your book!
Eithne Jones
Thank you both so much for all of your help with the KL event. Yossi, just wondering how many hours of Yoga you got to be so ‘fresh and open’ on stage according to Philips! The verbal feedback has them very happy with you. I hope that this will be our first chance of many to work together, either within Philips or further afield. In the meantime, lots of bright white light to you and yours.
David Mander
Chairman Total Health & Education Foundation
Thank you for giving the initial talk in our philosophy of Life Seminar Series. We were particularly happy that you were able to give the first address of the series in order to set the atmosphere we wanted. Your talk and responsiveness to questions really hit the mark. You were probably aware yourself of the warm reception you received from the audiences but we have subsequently had very enthusiastic comments from the participants. We also appreciated your willingness at short notice to talk to the Project Australia boys. It was a great thrill for them. we heard you spent a few hours with them and I’m sure they appreciated your story. They tend to get a bit caught up in their own flight and feel they are doing it tough, so it was very helpful for them to be exposed to someone with a positive insight into life who knows what it is to overcome hardship. We wish you the very best for your ongoing journey and we would like to keep in touch with you. Perhaps there may be other opportunities for us to work.
Australian Army
Thank you for providing our Joint Career Management Conference with a refreshing, stimulating and entertaining talk. I expected that you would have a fairly ‘tough’ audience and get a mixed response and I was right! It became clear to me after the event that some folks were completely enthralled with what you had to say and resonated with your messages. Unfortunately, there were also a number of others who expected a ‘fire in the belly’ military style delivery to which they had become accustomed. I also received some excellent feedback from those who were ‘in tune’ with the messages you had to offer and I expect will use them to positively influence their future. I also understand there was considerable discussion in the workplace about your talk which resulted in much more inter-action between the various Service Personnel staff. Thank you for providing us with your experience, insight and philosophy and good luck with your future ‘seed planting’ presentations! I’m firmly convinced that, despite the ‘tough’ audience, the ADF really needs to hear a lot more from people with qualities such as yours.
Chris Carr
Financial Controller, Nokia Telecommunications.
Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our recent Nokia Day conference. Your address was perfectly suited to our overall theme of ‘continuous learning’. Feedback received from the group was outstanding which can only be attributed to your ability to communicate the events you experienced whilst in the Amazon. The storytelling of ‘The Holy Grail’ at the themed dinner was superb with all staff mesmerized by your presentation. In addition, your morning meditation session provided an excellent means of recovery following the festivities of the previous evening. Your contribution to the success of the Nokia Day was significant and for that we are most grateful. In appreciation.
Polly Dryden
Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd., Astellas Leading Life for Light
The feedback on your talk by Astellas staff has been great and I will have greater clarity in the next week or so on this. Keep in touch.
Noel Petterson
Chief Executive, National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia
Touching, challenging and at all times entertaining, Yossi seemingly invites the listener around his campfire as he recounts his near death tale. I have never seen a packed room of around 700 people to be totally absorbed at a convention session in my career.
Ng Tian Chong
Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Volume Sales Asia Pacific & Japan, Hewlett Packard
we enjoyed your story and presentation alot….and it has touched many of the attendees’ heart.
Wendy Hand
Executive Producer, AMP Wealth Management Australia
We would like to express our thanks for the presentation you gave in Vienna for the AMP conference. It’s always a challenge to find speakers of the right caliber for these high profile events. Your story of survival against all odds was both fascinating and challenging. You possess the extremely rare gift of a great storyteller with the ability to create word pictures which capture the imagination of an audience and take them on a journey with you. Your personal survival and the loyalty and persistence of your companion in his efforts to rescue you contain all the elements of a great adventure. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future.
James Fraser
Publishing Director, panmacmillan
Yossi Ghinsberg is one of our new authors and we are extremely pleased with the way his book, Heart of the Amazon, is being received by the public. Yossi’s forte is his captivating and engaging storytelling ability, his endemic naivete and his ability to transform dreams into realities. Listening to Yossi is inspiring, and no audience could resist his passionate, emotive though humorous delivery.
Yossi went very well. I kept peeking and people looked really engrossed….he was a pleasure to work with, and the attendees enjoyed getting to talk to him on a one-on-one level.
John Zaharakis
National Development Manager, Travelscene
Yossi, I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe your presentation and the effect it had on our conference delegates. Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking……all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you at Cairns Convention Centre on Saturday September 06. You have touched many hearts with your wonderful story and people who have now read your book following the conference have kept talking about “this inspiring man called Yossi Ghinsberg”. From personal point of view, it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with you at the conference and I thank you for your wonderful contribution. I very much look forward to being able to work with you again in the future and, rest assured, I (and many others) will be recommending that you be considered for keynote speaking engagements wherever and whenever possible.
Les Badden
Lesbadden creative office, Proctor & Gamble
Yossi, it seemed, while you were here a vision of the possible manifested in our midst. A dream was embodied in the people gathered at that table… So much beauty… Tangible and vital.Many blessings and much love,Lisa Jensenthe clay street projectYossi, Now that the dust has settled a bit on the P&G meeting in Cincinnati I want to thank you for sharing your remarkable story and for telling it in such a compelling way. You have a wonderful gift. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
Bob Fuller
US Technical Support Operations IBM Global Services, IBM
Yossi, thank you! Your story was truly amazing and your message was right on target with the entire audience. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to reading your book.
Paul Woess
National Training Manager, Schwarzkof
Your delivery of this unique situation had everyone on the edge of their seats. Each of our delegates works diligently to develop business plans and their work situations can sometimes seem like life and death. Your presentation put many of their business problems to the back of their their minds. Your story illustrates that internal strength and a desire to succeed and in fact survive in inherent in us all, we only need to tap into our personal resources and we too can overcome any obstacle. You certainly were a major talking point of the Conference; it promoted many to read your book. Thank you for a job well done.
Ian Unwin
Carter Holt Harvey
Your presentation was enthralling and one from which we can all draw many lessons. it generated lots of discussion that night and subsequently put many our own issues into true perspective.
Bert Wong
General Manager, Fuji Xerox
When I first met Yossi he told me that it would take great courage to bring such a course as The Manifestation of Vision to Fuji Xerox headquarters in Singapore. Nevertheless it wasn’t courage that we lacked but a new outlook on business and life. Our sales forces are constantly under pressure to perform and outperform the competition as well as the quarter just passed. Being the General Manager I am always on the hunt for techniques that will help me spur my people while finding ways to ease their load of stress. The Manifestation of Vision seminar was a breath of fresh air, an injection of much needed oxygen for the sales force and the management team. We sat mesmerized for two days listening to ideas that were new to us and opened us to see more choices we haven’t seen before. The initiation into the eightfold path of action was like the lifting of a veil. Yossi’s presentation skill is supreme; he was dynamic and highly entertaining. He is a gifted teacher with a unique ability to present complex ideas in conceivable words. Yossi’s work with us is not over; he maintains his commitment to be part of the team and supports the course participants with reminders and reports. Both the Fuji Xerox Singapore Managing Director Mr. Koh Ching Hong and myself firmly support Yossi’s work and have also recommended the seminar to other divisions of Fuji Xerox worldwide.
T. Brooks LEED® AP, Director Summit Education Programs, CoreNet Global
I just wanted to say again what a pure joy it was to meet you and get to spend some time with you in Melbourne. All of the feedback I have gotten from the people who heard you speak has been overwhelmingly positive; I am sure you could feel the energy in the room. They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date. I am very grateful that you were able to share your time and your story with us, and it was an unmitigated pleasure for me personally.Take care in your travels. I wish you every happiness – may you live in the most boring of times!
Peter Chenoweth
Region Director, Australia and New Zealand Region, CoreNet Global | Corporate Real Estate Network.
Hi Yossi,It was absolutely wonderful meeting you, and I look forward to you keeping in touch, and particularly to visiting your home in the rainforest near Mullumbimby. I finished the last 10 pages of Jungle two nights ago.<br /> It is difficult to express on behalf of the delegates, on behalf of CoreNet, and on behalf of myself, the depth of our gratitude for your presentation, and for your willingness to make yourself available to participate in other activities (to attend the Gala Dinner, and to be a panellist in The Hypothetical) during the time that you attended the Summit. And it’s difficult to express it as eloquently and as passionately as you can and do.However, I would like you to know the following:Your incredibly high average session rating of 6.86 (out of 7) is the highest that the delegates have awarded to any speaker at any CoreNet summit in our Region. I also suspect that it also would be amongst the highest ratings of any CoreNet Summit in any Region ever conducted.Some delegates gave you ratings of 8, 15, and even 20. I have never seen ratings above 7 before.Many delegates made a point of coming up to me and explaining how your presentation had been a life-changing event for them.For three years Linda and I tried to persuade the local Region Programme Committee to agree to select a motivational/ inspirational speaker to close the Summit. We only very narrowly succeeded this year in gaining that agreement. However, a number of the members of the Region Programme Committee (including some of those opposed to this initiative), and including the Region Chair, came up to me after the end of your presentation and said that we should do this every year from now on. So in many ways, the positive consequences of your presentation will be affecting our members, and our Summits, for many years to come.I’d also like to thank Geoff very much for his moderation of the event.As you will know from my previous e-mail about the Hypothetical, please find attached the Average Program Rating Summary for all Summit events. The second Session Rating attachment includes individual ratings for each speaker, and individual delegate comments. We only distribute the session rating spreadsheet to the speaker/s and moderator of the respective session.Please let me know if you have any questions.Thanks again very much for your unique contribution to the Summit, to our members, and to the Region.
Eugene De Villiers
The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives
In our industry we attend conferences so regularely that we become somewhat blase’ about the content. And within this mind set you were able to meet delegates at a level not previousely touched at a conference, yes you were able to touch their hearts! The feedback I have received thus far as Conference Chair has been overwhelming and many have spoken of they could ‘feel’ the jungle you described all around them, so real was the impression of your experience. It is very satisfying as an organizer to know that by having your participation that we are able to leave an impression on the hearts of delegates, one that will not be forgotten in years to come. Thank You!
Yair Naveh
Head of Marine Insurance desk, Davidoff Group Ltd.
Thank you for your message which was relayed to all of us at Davidoff. I have not yet read your seven steps but intend to during the coming weekend as I feel they should be read seriously. I must admit your lecture was amazing! I enjoyed it immensely and perhaps one aspect of this insight is that I sat down to listen to “another boring lecture” and suddenly it was over and I felt I could keep on listening to you on and on. I was fascinated by the tales of survival and agreed to more than one of your reservations. I kept thinking about some of the things you said for a few days after the event.I tried to find your book but to date results are zero. Furthermore I tried to pay a visit to your website but the system came back with the famous answer that this page cannot be etc. etc. but I shall try again on both fronts.Thank you again!!!
Galit Bar-Shai
VP Organization & Management, Davidoff Group Ltd.
We thank you for your time with us and for a great and fascinating lecture!!! It was astounding and attracted us all all along.
Jerry C. Meyer
Chief Operating Officer Aegis Living
Yossi, As you are aware at Aegis we have some incredibly powerful speakers at our annual meetings, but you are among the most impressive we have ever had. It was amazing to all who attended how you could weave a gripping tale of survival in the Amazon, against all odds, into a story that had practical application in all of our lives. Somehow you were able to open up the complexities of the universe with all its wonders and its bounty and demonstrate how it has a positive message that correlates to the most common levels of everyday life. Our team of senior managers left your presentation filled with an inspiring view of how each of them could take the adversities that are sometimes thrown at them, put these challenges in perspective and turn them into positive growth experiences. Yours is a message not of some ethereal value, but it touches all who hear it with a sense of wonder and of awe at the power each of us has. For me, personally, I know your message is something I will always carry with me.
Kerry McWhinnie
Yossi’s ‘The power to survive’ was simple outstanding. Feedback from our delegates that his presentation was “fantastic”, “captivating”, “they were in the raft and on the river with him”, “they didn;t want him to stop”, what more can you ask of a Keynote speaker. I have no hesitation in recommending Yossi as an invigorating & inspiring motivational speaker. Fantastic!! thank you Yossi.
David J Farrell
Deputy Chairman, AON Risk Management
Your contribution added to the business session of the convention and I am sure was in no small measure attributable to the clearly successful event. My personal thanks to you for the work you took to deliver your presentation and particularly the time that you had taken from your busy schedule to be with us.
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