it is not over until it is over, there is a never place for despair, there is never a place to cash your chips either; ecosystems are dynamic and all inclusive by design, all of us are part of whatever is going on. here is my conspiracy theory there is no conspiracy at all. aware, let the trust of your heart lead your way on our journey together.

i believe our story writes itself as it unfolds; big visions, dreams and ideas rise in time searching for truth-worthy vehicles to fully express them in our world. in this way ideas, dreams and visions have us; and we operate best when whatever we do enhances the well being of the ecosystem, it is about all of us, all the time.

The understanding of events is dynamic as well; different perspective can immediately change reality as it is now.

i have faith that evolution is inherent in nature and hence the results are always perfect; leading us towards an enlightened era of sharing abundance and freedom in peace. everything else is yet a pace in this direction.

Life can be only lived now. if we are going through what seems and feels as adversity personally and cooperatively, so be it, we can carry through.

there is a certain sense of intensity everywhere throughout the planet and no matter where we are and under what circumstances we feel it. ecosystem is about us all – this starts making sense to more and more of us.

Be the change you want to see in the world – the words of Gandhi.

there are times when following a true leader is what we need to do. When Gandhi’s lead the peaceful revolution necessary to overthrow a vein and greedy empire we the people were needed to walk with him to the shores and collect the salt of sovereignty. each generation and their Jericho walls. some great walls collapsed already, the Berlin wall and through amazing technology the walls of Ignorance and Separation also collapsed. it is time now to take the next pace towards this brave new world.

we determine the way – we have the choice.

i believe history has written Barack Obama into our times, i believe he is a leader that can walk with us towards an era of freedom and abundance in peace. we deserve to live that change we want to see by becoming it – in this way we write history ourselves.

Obama is the path i walk.

don’t procrastinate — cross-pollinate…..

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