“Every once in awhile one is privileged to be part of something very very special – and this was certainly one of those times.”
Gilbert Enoka, Mental Skills Coach
“an injection of much needed oxygen for the
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Bert Wong, CEO Asia Pacific
“Yossi is the ultimate blow them away, bring the house down kind of speaker.”
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Keynote speaker


here are many people who have the skills and understanding necessary to be effective when it comes to public speaking. However, not all speakers have what it takes to command an audience, making them effective keynote speakers. When choosing the right keynote speaker for your ceremony, it is necessary to choose a speaker that can command your audience properly and can maintain their attention long enough to get their message out. were totally riveted, hanging on your evd set which is necessary in order to meet the demands of corporate culture, including the perfect balance of a passion for excellence, a dedication to the journey and a balance of mental toughness. YOSSI GHINSBERG is a world explorer and epic storyteller who travels all across the world in order to impact the lives of people on both a professional and personal level.

"...Yossi have met world leaders and cooperated with global institutions and organizations, he shared the stage with celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, the late Wayne Dyer and many more."

YOSSI GHINSBERG works to share his knowledge of business practices by delivering keynote presentations which work to develop productivity in the workplace and highly recognized for the enlightening and innovative presentations that he makes in order to share his ideas with industry leaders and is a well regarded professional speaker, most notably a hospitality speaker and multinational keynote speaker with a long history of highly successful event, conference, and keynote speeches. His professional approach, innovative concepts and deep knowledge of strategy holds up against the most sophisticated and experienced audiences.

How To Become The Best Keynote speaker


he speeches of a keynote speaker are an essential part of any presentation since this is usually the part where the key points of the event are being highlighted and discussed. so, it is every organizer’s goal to choose only the best speaker out there because picking the right one will certainly ensure the success of the event wherein the key points will be understood by most of the target audience. If you are aspiring to be the best speaker that can definitely deliver the best speeches then you will have to consider what will be discussed on the next paragraphs.It is important to remember that if you want to be the best then you better believe in your abilities, your skills and in your inborn talents. This is because if you truly believe in yourself, you will keep on going even if you are faced with different challenges. You will keep standing up after every fall. Nothing can stop you from becoming the best of the best because nothing can shake you up from your beliefs. You will see failure as the stepping-stone in order to reach the sweet success. Your power comes from your beliefs and with it you can craft the best speeches that has even been crafted.

Of course, in order to fully utilize your power, you will also need knowledge. Knowing everything about your clients and knowing the topics of the event will allow you to craft speeches that are relevant to the subject matter. Research is an important part of the equation and without it, you will only be able to craft speeches that are in general terms. Good speeches convey the main idea in a way that the audience can easily understand and speaking in general will not properly convey the specific points that you want to impart. so, do your homework and research well in order that you can craft speeches that are rich in details.Once you feel that you are now ready to stand in any stages to deliver your awesome speeches, then you better inform the organizers around your area. If you want to contact them then you can do so but if you are somebody that likes to have a lot of choices and you want them to contact you instead then it is highly suggested that you go and advertise your services. You can print flyers, post your services on the newspapers, lease a billboard, rent an ad spot on related web pages and so on.




Knowledge is one of the top qualities that determine how useful a keynote speaker is to a business. The speaker should be able to discuss the topic with confidence while encouraging involvement or change. A good speaker can educate an audience on a topic, but a great keynote speaker can get results and action. Many businesses choose to use motivating speakers because they want to encourage employees or other groups to do something. This type of speaker may not do as well for discussing topics in highly technical areas.


Speakers are used by businesses, schools, charity groups, and support groups to both motivate and teach. The best keynote speakers for teaching must have reputable knowledge of the topic to be respected by the audience. Events that serve the purpose of motivating people to change their lives or do better at work are more naturally suited for motivating or inspiring speakers. A speaker will provide better results if they fit the topic and purpose of the event.



roductive speakers have specific qualities that make them thrive. These qualities cannot be found in every speaker and it is vital to know what they are when you are seeking for the best keynote speakers. Common qualities that are seen in most speakers are topic knowledge, elevated energy, and a sense of direction. Qualities such as these are not an option but a necessity when a speaker is trying to involve an audience and convey a message to them. someone that speaks in a monotone voice and seems unsure of what they are saying is not going to be very believable to an audience.Keep this in mind when hiring a speaker for an event. The speaker should fit the expertise needed and have the ability to create the right results. Event the best speaker can fail if they do not suit the event. Great speakers can read facial expressions and use them to better interact with the audience. They have practiced presenting facts and information so that it is attractive and interesting. speakers that enjoy talking to people and have a great personality will always do better at events because they can connect with many different types of audience members and communicate easily with large groups.


Keynote Motivational speakers entertain the audience while educating them at the same time. They are beneficial to any business or group that needs a little motivation and new ideas. speakers that are more charismatic and friendly make the best motivational keynote speakers. Their optimism creates a confident setting and in turn creates more confidence in the audience members. The best speakers can use both humor and subject relevance for their presentation. A motivating keynote speaker must be able to listen and read cues from audience members. This allows them to change their tone or add to the presentation to keep their attention. A speaker with these qualities is guaranteed to provide a better presentation that will be benefit attendees. This result is desired by every business holding an event and finding the best speaker can make it happen.

“You rank number one in my experience – I am honored to be a reference.”
Chris Varelas, Head of National Investment Bank
“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.”
John Zaharakis, General Manager Conferences & Events
“They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date.”
Amanda Brooks, Content & Programme Design