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Keynote speaker for conferences – Yossi Ghinsberg

Keynote speaker conferences works well in provoking creative thought, in addition to motivating presenting the keynote audience or imparting a new point of view to the employees. Keynote speakers are a common feature at conferences, conventions and various similar events. It is these people who create a framework of an event and set the tone of the main event that follows. Professionals looking forward to upgrade their knowledge and skills rely heavily on the individual speech. These speakers also lend a direction to the goals and purpose of the conference at large

When you hear about keynote speakers, you probably immediately think of a person beginning an event. This is because the title has been derived from the musical term ‘keynote’, which refers to the base that underlines all music created. Nowadays, keynote speakers are becoming very popular among businesses. Almost all managers are hiring someone to speak not only at major events but also in their offices. According to the purpose that needs to be served, these speakers differ. For example, a business may hire a humorous speaker, a motivational speaker or maybe even a serious keynote speaker.


While many people acknowledge the effectiveness of these individuals, some fail to understand the purpose of conference keynote speakers. They argue that their plan or event has been planned thoroughly and that they do not need an external party to deliver information about their business. However, this assumption is flawed. In fact, there are several major reasons you should consider speakers for events conferences.

For one, remember that these speakers are professionals who can deliver the same information in a better way than a manager can. This is because they have learned techniques like capturing the attention of the audience. They can make any piece of information sound interesting and can often captivate people simply by their confident and attractive aura. Obviously, you can present the underlying information about the event yourself. Admittedly, however, we all have been to events where we do not listen to the beginning speeches because they are boring and are simply read off a paper.

This is why you should consider hiring a professional conference keynote speaker. This person will take the same information and present it in a way that will not only be captivating but also simple. This means that the whole conference will be outlined in a short amount of time without any droning.

Another major reason you should hire these speakers is to capture the attention of the listeners for the rest of the conference. Remember that if something does not start off well, some people may not bother to listen later. If, however, an interesting person starts the conference in a captivating way, you will have the audience’s attention throughout and will be able to get your message across very easily. These speakers may also be humorous, which means that they can lighten up an event that is presumably extremely serious. You can, therefore, make a boring conference a lot more lively and can benefit from the full attention of your audience.

How to Find a speaker for Your Conference

A good conference experience can have a powerful influence on your work. You may have gathered useful insights and new strategies, or maybe you’ve made some great contacts or even gained a few sales leads. For a conference planner, putting together a good conference means establishing your organization’s credibility in the industry and being seen as a thought leader.

Whether you’re planning a casual breakfast event or a week long itinerary – the key to a putting together a good conference is to plan and organize well – and of course, to provide great content. This means putting together quality motivational speaker conferences .

Speakers and presenters

The crux of your content will be the speakers, panelists and presenters that you can gather at your event. Getting big names and established professionals will be a big draw card to attendees, but it can incur a substantial fee. Meanwhile, you will also find some great, lesser known speakers who can present effectively. Utilize your networks to find great speakers and keep these ideas in mind:

Keep to a budget

Once you have a budget in mind, think about how you’ll allot the amounts between individual speakers. For example, having a good keynote speaker is very important as it sets the tone for the entire event, so you may want to allocate more funds towards getting someone who’s known in the industry.

Look to incentivize

Find out what potential speakers are doing and see if you can align your event to suit their needs. For example, if a professional has just published a paper or released his own book, he may be more likely to speak on that topic to advance his own professional interests.

Generate conversation

Panels are great forums to generate conversation and discuss hot topics. While they are more complex to put together, you’ll find that some participants may prefer this format to presenting on their own as they’ll need to do less prep work for the event.

Expect the unexpected

When it comes to conference management, it’s important to have a Plan B ready in case one of your speakers drops out or becomes unavailable at the last minute. It can be someone from within your own organization presenting on a topic that they’re most comfortable with. Inform delegates about any changes to the program as early as you can so they know what to expect and can plan their days accordingly.

You’ll need to be organized well in advance and have a good solid committee behind you. If you’re in charge of putting it all together, delegate the task of finding speakers to someone who has a well established network and is knowledgeable on the subject matter. Remember that the content of your conference will make or break your event’s success – so plan ahead and plan well!


— is a bestselling author with 18 years’ experience achieving marketing, sales and customer service results for companies of all sizes in every industry. Would you rather hear proven processes, or unproven theories, YOSS GHINSBERG knows what works, because he’s consulted with and implemented marketing for hundreds of companies. His hands-on business experience, cutting-edge insights, and background in improve and stand-up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker and trainer who leaves every audience not only entertained, but motivated and armed with powerful strategies and tactics. You choose how much or how little laughs, tips and motivation he delivers.

YOSSI knows your event and audience is unique. He’ll customize a program for your event and goals that’ll leave you smiling and get exceptional feedback from the audience. Using high impact video and exciting stories from the cockpit, John delivers an actionable framework for High Performance that combines the unique experience.

With an expert’s eye and a historian’s perspective, YOSSI will illustrate various potential scenarios to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of how to prepare for the future. From the federal deficit to healthcare reform and tax cuts to international trade, YOSSI will break down the day’s headlines and news stories impacting your workforce with the clarity and distinction that have established him as a go-to source for the most important political issues of today and tomorrow.

YOSSI’s keynote conferences leave audiences with just one question: How good do you want to be?

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