Yossi is a traveler, with home and business bases in the US, Australia and Israel. He is a prolific speaker, travelling through North America, Asia and Europe to Speak. In many ways, booking Yossi gets you too speakers. One that will understand your local audience because he is “from around here” but he also bring his international experience and business understanding.

As an international speaker, Yossi gets to speak to and talk with some of the world’s largest companies and most powerful businessmen. He passionate about the world of tomorrow, the world that we live on, the world of business and what needs to be done to ensure the continuing success of all these worlds, these multiple but same worlds.

Being an international speaker with many bases, Yossi only charges travelling fees from the closest of his bases to your event, so as far as your booking expenses go, he is never more than a 9 hour plane ride away, often half that.

Yossi has adventured and travelled through every continent and many countries. His books have been published in dozens of languages and sold in over 150 countries. His message is riveting, relevant, and worldly.

So if you are looking to book a speaker who will bring a truly international flavor to your next event, but be able to present it in a way that is regionally relevant and sensitive to your audience… consider Yossi.

He will entertain, delight, motivate and enthrall.