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Gilbert Enoka, Mental Skills Coach
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Bert Wong, CEO Asia Pacific
“Yossi is the ultimate blow them away, bring the house down kind of speaker.”
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Inspirational speakers – Yossi Ghinsberg

Inspiration is a stimulating feeling that we seek to motivate us, to continue pressing forward through hardships and to find meaning amidst chaos. What inspires us is sometimes found in the rarest of forms. It is sometimes in plain sight. It is often stumbled upon without intention, and it is sometimes graciously handed to us in the form of wise words, spoken by experienced and influential minds.

Throughout life’s journey we are often bombarded with demands, decision-making, and deadlines. What better way to get through these speed bumps than to have inspiration drive us over each of them, It is a seed that is planted, takes root, and assists to deliver us where we want to go. We need inspiration like flowers need bees to pollinate new life. It is the substance that stimulates our minds and helps us flourish and grow.

Inspiration also comes in all forms and fashion. It can derive from a religious sermon, family, friends, colleagues, professional coaches, therapists, books or photos. Although inspiration comes in many forms, the most rousing are the ones we can actually see. Visual inspiration helps us to see ourselves in another place, to give our minds a little rest and relaxation from our current environment, and allows us an opportunity to drift away for a brief moment and daydream a bit. If we are unable to see ourselves at the finish line and actually go there in our minds, we can lose our direction and energy.


Inspirational speakers:

Inspirational keynote speakers help: Engage. Empower. Inspire! People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear, anger, and complacency pervade the workplace. Bigspeak’s inspirational speakers are your top resource for motivational speakers and proven inspirational leaders who have overcome extreme adversity conquered insurmountable obstacles and can engage, re-energize, and motivate your people. Bigspeak’s renowned team of business inspirational speakers and motivational speakers are masters at not only creating and igniting but maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to achieve and succeed within your organization. We like to say, “Inspiration is like a shower — you need it every day!”

My personal story of survival and my life journey are inspirational, After becoming separated from friends in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, I survived three harrowing weeks in one of the world’s’ most dangerous environments. It was this experience that has to lead me on a journey of self-discovery, and also seeing myself captivate hundreds of thousands of people across the world with tales of strength, collaboration and above all, ensuring innate power to survive.

In this heartfelt article, I will like you to call upon animal instincts to survive the everyday stresses that plague you at this busy time of year.

Discussing on the importance of inspiration on business

Anyone who is cynical towards the importance of inspiration and motivation has never owned a business. Business owners know that at times when deadlines, suppliers, customers, staff (and even you!) are all piling pressure on, recalling the words of wisdom, experience or success can simply lift you.

A few years ago, I did a talkfest road show, which meant I worked as a master of ceremonies with some absolutely best inspirational speakers, there we discussed also how to be an inspirational speaker. The inspirational speakers included:

Deepak Chopra:

The Author of several well known self help books; known as the guru to the celebrities, Deepak Chopra is well known for the simple analogies and lucid style of speaking that he uses in his seminars.

Robin Sharma:

Robin Sharma is the hugely popular author of books including “Monk who sold his Ferrari” and the “Greatness Guide”. Robin is well known as one of the premier experts on change management, leadership and personal mastery.

Marc Hogan:

Marc has a growing reputation as one of the top inspirational speakers in the areas of communication and sales which has made him one of the most sought after speakers in the world today.

Zig Ziglar:

The author of a dozen well known books that deal with every aspect of selling and the sales process, Zig Ziglar is almost a celebrity of sorts in the world of marketing.

Jim Lawless:

One of the most sought after and well regarded motivational speakers in Europe, Jim has his own success story to tell in which he went from being a 36 years old, smoking, drinking, 12 stone man to a jockey weighing 9 stone, competing in a televised race in just 12 short months to prove his theories.

Robin Sieger:

After his battle with cancer at the young age of 29, Robin knew that his vocabulary of success had been dramatically changed. A very popular, bestselling author and broadcaster on both sides of the Atlantic, Robin is a performance management expert and success strategist.

Frank Maguire:

He is a leading expert on management and communication. An ex senior vice president at FedEx, Frank was instrumental in making the company one of the most profitable business establishments for nearly two decades.

Susan Annunzio:

Susan is a best selling author and is a sought after advisor to corporate leaders across the world. She is an expert in fashioning programs that help to increase profitability and maximize success.

Devon Harris:

Part of the Jamaican bobsled team whose story was turned into the movie “Cool Runnings”. Devon conducts seminars on overcoming adversity and cultivating dedication to goal achievement.

Rene Jaggi:

The former CEO of Adidas International and former Chairman of H.T.M., Jaggi is well known for his seminars on success strategies and performance management.

Most of these speakers cater to a wide variety of subjects so you should not have a problem finding top inspirational speakers who can do wonders for the employee performance in your organization.

Other famous inspirational speakers that were present also were Lauren Burns who took a gold medal in taekwondo at the sydney Olympics and Ben Darwin, the Wallaby rugby union player who ended his career with a terrible neck injury in the semi-final of the World Cup against the Kiwis.

Then there was that great cricketer, Bruce Yardley, who was named international cricketer of the year in the 1980s and who played with Thommo, Lillee, and the Chappells. Another was a guy called Tony Mowbray who not only battled the seas of that tragic sydney to Hobart Yacht race in 1998 when too many lives were lost, but he also broke the record for sailing solo around the world.

Individuals who have taken on the odds and brought big results should always be studied. Regular readers of this column know I recommend that the best way to build a great business is to copy the best.

I once saw young artists copying the masters in the British Museum, and that’s what would-be master business people should be doing too. some champions can give you small but enduring hints for success while others can offer you a virtual blueprint.

If you want to grow your business, look to those who have done it before you and gain inspiration and then create your plan.

One short story before I finish and this is not about a well-known star but a local hero who turned around a potential poverty problem.This fella left the priesthood in his 50s, and when you cut out of God’s service, there is no superannuation or divine pension.

He had diddlysquat, and there were not many jobs for out-of-work priests. After talking to a money expert, he decided the only way he could catch up in the money stakes was to buy ramshackle homes he didn’t have much money and he simply did them up and sold them. He had somewhere to live while he did this and, as it was his principal residence, he was able to sell the homes with no capital gains tax.

He pulled off the triple play. First, he built up his wealth so he is set to retire with a lump sum better than most Australians. second, he gave himself a job, which was really a development business in doing up the properties. And third, he had somewhere to live.

Part of the inspiration was the knowledge that there is no capital gains tax on your principal residence while the other part of boost was the money expert who convinced him he could do it. We all can do it but we need education, commitment, and inspiration. Often experts or coaches can show small business owners how to do it better.

I will always cherish the first story ever told by Homer’s Iliads is an epic poem by the ancient Greek poet Homer, which recounts some of the significant events of the final weeks of the Trojan War and the Greek siege of the city of Troy (which was also known as Ilion, Ilios or Ilium in ancient times). Written in the mid-8th Century BCE. The Homer’s Iliad’s story explains how wars are won by inspired spirits.

Finding inspiration is one of the most unspoken about but critical elements behind accomplishing anything successfully. These inspiring thoughts will serve you in a number of ways that will help you maintain the consistent effort needed to accomplish your objectives. The fact is that inspirational thoughts are what put the ‘pep in your step’ and give you the purpose and drive to continue moving forward in many aspects of your life. Whether it is your personal or professional life the degree of success you achieve is influence by your ability to find daily inspiration in what you do and why you do it.

Discussing Yossi Ghinsberg, as one of the most sought after inspirational speakers:

I have been severally invited to speak for brands in almost any industry. Among best inspirational speakers in the world I have met world leaders and cooperated with global institutes and organizations, I shared the stage with celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, the late Wayne Dyer and more.

My inspirational impact has assisted many startups firms, and I have online videos and inspirational books like the jungle which fetched excellent reviews concerning inspirational impacts.

Where leadership is concerned, all of this changes point in the same direction. Leaders can no longer rely only on traditional leadership skills to be effective. They can no longer simply issue directives. Nor can leaders rely heavily on the traditional tools of motivation — the classic carrot-and-stick approach.

Instead, they now must have the ability to energize the people around them, foster engagement and create a trusting atmosphere. They must inspire their teams — and that inspiration must extend all the way to the front line.

“You rank number one in my experience – I am honored to be a reference.”
Chris Varelas, Head of National Investment Bank
“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.”
John Zaharakis, General Manager Conferences & Events
“They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date.”
Amanda Brooks, Content & Programme Design