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Yossi Ghinsberg travels all over the world, sharing his survival wisdoms. Ten secondson his website and you are able to download his appearance on Larry King and a host of American chat shows. It’s no wonder, he’s inspirational, and a truly gripping storyteller. I certainly didn’t feel like I was getting the Anthony Robbins motivational schtick, but after our chat I felt acutely aware of that ancient survival part of myself. Damn, maybe I could survive without my makeup bag and wonderbra.

Yossi credits his ability to survive in incredible adversity to his primal connection with his survival wisdom – something he credits all of us with in adverse and ‘life’ threatening situations. Interestingly, this place is where Yossi has uncovered his greatest spiritual revelations.

‘To survive I needed very precise and focused action. I didn’t have many other choices, staying alive was the main choice, there was life or
there was death…… to read the full article, download the pdf.