“Every once in awhile one is privileged to be part of something very very special – and this was certainly one of those times.”
Gilbert Enoka, Mental Skills Coach
“an injection of much needed oxygen for the
sales force and the management team”
Bert Wong, CEO Asia Pacific
“Yossi is the ultimate blow them away, bring the house down kind of speaker.”
Leanne Christie, Founder & CEO,
a keynote speaker that will be remembered.


Motivational Speaker

A world explorer and epic storyteller. A graduate of philosophy and business administration from Tel Aviv University, a tech entrepreneur in the heart of Silicon Valley, VP of a groundbreaking medical corporation, the visionary behind Chalalan the most celebrated resort in the Bolivian Amazon. His book ‘Jungle’ sold millions of copies globally, aired as a docudrama on Discovery Channel and produced as a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Yossi met world leaders and cooperated with global institutes and organizations, he shared the stage with celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, the late Wayne Dyre and more. 

“You rank number one in my experience – I am honored to be a reference.”
Chris Varelas, Head of National Investment Bank
“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.”
John Zaharakis, General Manager Conferences & Events
“They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date.”
Amanda Brooks, Content & Programme Design

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