The following are the most frequently asked questions about Yossi’s keynotes speeches and workshops. If your question is not answered here please feel free to ask it.

1. What does he talk about?

Yossi is an extraordinary storyteller – he talks about his rich life experiences, recounting personal stories such as the story of his amazing survival in the Amazon rainforest. He also tells other stories about adventures in other fields including travel and explorations in remote corners of the world and his involvement in diverse international business ventures. He reveals his intimate knowledge of many cultures and philosophies and speaks about encounters with remarkable people who have made a difference in his life. He discloses secrets of the great myths and archetypes such as The Quest for the Holy Grail. Yossi converses about life on Earth here and now, about seeing the bigger picture, rising to meet challenges and enjoying the path…
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2. What are the main messages Yossi delivers?

We live in a constantly changing world. We are survivors by nature and our faculties innately adapt. When a challenge arises we can naturally tap into the inner power that we own. Yet, many times we seem to forget: stressful and grinding routines prevent our eyes from seeing. Yossi’s messages remove the dust from our eyes as he reminds us how to tap into the innate power that we possess and utilise it in our day to day life, family life or business alike. His messages are life is not a rehearsal, it is show time now; live every day as if it is your last, live it as if it you’ll live forever; the journey is the destination is the journey.
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3. What is the benefit to audiences?

While each conference has a purpose and theme that Yossi personalises his presentation to, his delivery is always unique. His survival story is a universal experience that everybody can identify with. When Yossi recounts his tale nobody in the audience dares to move or look at their watch; they are riveted. Undoubtebly one benefit is sheer thrill and entertainment. Yossi strongly believes that a good talk must be firstly entertaining. However the main benefit is in the substance. Yossi penetrates the hearts of his listeners with his messages. These messages remain with audiences and grow within them for months and years. Many corporations have expressed that Yossi’s presentation was a gift of personal growth and development to the audiences that reflected and benefited the work place.

4. Why is he unique?

Being a natural storyteller, Yossi does not preach or lectures – he tells a story. Yossi knows that when we are told a compelling story we simply listen. It is not always easy to get audiences to listen – good storytelling is an art form. When Yossi tells his stories audiences relax and listen; their intellectual defence system and their processing faculties are put to rest. Hearts open, eyes widen, mouths loosen, the child within the listener awakens. It is refreshing to be fascinated and listen like a child. Yossi carries his audience to distant places and has them visualize the journey in their own minds. They laugh, they cry; they are moved and inspired.

5. Can Yossi’s messages comply with the objective and theme of a specific event?

Yossi is happy to customise his delivery for the specific needs of any conference or event. He has spoken to diverse audiences throughout the world and has vast experience in adapting his delivery to spesific themes. Prior to the event, Yossi prefers to conduct a briefing session with the client. The theme, objectives and messages should be made clear. Yossi incorporates these messages organically into his presentation and brings them forth in a natural and non-contrived manner throughout his delivery. Hearing these messages in such a way, the audience receives genuine reinforcement of the messages and objectives. Please remember that Yossi does not preach or lecture but tells stories with the messages skilfully woven into them, thus makes the learning experience much more effective and enriching.

6. Are there any books or products that Yossi offers to enhance the effect of his presentation?

Most organizations invite Yossi to make his bestselling book ‘Heart of the Amazon’ available to the audiences on-site, as many people enjoy the opportunity to receive a personalized, autographed copy of the book. Corporate purchases are also available and can be personalized to each delegate if coordinated in advance.

7. How long are Yossi’s presentations?

The keynotes and concurrent sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length depending on the event circumstances and time available. Where possible, Yossi prefers to have 80 to 90 minutes so he can conduct a question and answer discussion, which are very popular with audiences. Workshop sessions can take 2 to 3 hours, yet again this depends on each client’s individual circumstances.

8. What are Yossi’s speaking fees?

Yossi?s keynote fees are determined by the location of your event. Please contact the management team in your territory for more information ? click here. Please inquire regarding special circumstances such as youth programs, charity, non-profit events etc.

9. What are Yossi’s AV and room arrangement requirements?

Yossi likes to stand in the centre of the stage, preferably with no podium to separate him from audiences. He moves a bit to the left and to the right and at times moves his arms quite frantically, hence most suitable is the use of a lapel microphone. Yossi brings his own laptop computer for a presentation of slides. He therefore requires an LCD and screen.

10. Can you provide references from past speaking engagements?

Yes indeed! Yossi has presented to many diverse audiences, from major Fortune 500 corporations to Boy Scout youth programs. A few testimonials are available for your review.

11. Can you send us a promotional video?

Absolutely! Promotional video and related material, brochure etc., are available upon request. Please contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to forward a marketing package to you. You may also have a sneak preview by watching the online video excerpts.
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12. How can we find out if Yossi is available for a speaking engagement?

Please contact Yossi to check availability at your soonest convenience and ask to put a hold on your designated event date.

13. Can you provide photographs for promotional materials?

Yes, photographs as well as other promotional material can be forwarded to you upon request. These can also be downloaded directly from the online speaking package.

14. Can you provide us with a biography and presentation introduction?

Yes, biography, introduction as well as other promotional material can be sent to you upon request. These can also be reviewed and downloaded directly from the online speaking package.