If we were to meet each other in person we would exchange pleasantries and ask each other questions.

Here are my answers to those queries raised most frequently by those who want to know more about me and what motivates the motivational speaker:

I am the father of four children and a husband. I am a family man.

The next question is typically, «What is your profession?»

My answer is always that I am a professional unprofessional. My lifelong love of learning new things and embracing new challenges has allowed me to become a professional in different fields many times in my life. No matter which turn my career path has taken, there is one constant in my life: I am passionate about finding the truth for myself.

It surprises many to learn that when night falls I prefer to sleep outside the house in a tent. For most of my life, wherever I have lived — even when I called a high-rise building in the middle of a busy city home — I have built myself a tent on the roof. It’s not that I seek to sleep in an austere camp bed. My tents, with rugs and comfortable bedding, remind me that I am transient. I prefer simplicity, feeling connected to nature and mindful that I am a traveling nomad. Who needs television when you can gaze at a campfire or up into a starry night?

As a world traveler I am often asked, «But where are you from?»

My answer is always, «I’m from here.» You see, the more I’ve traveled and experienced in life the more convinced I am that we are all connected to each other on this planet that we call home.

When I was relatively young, people who were from a different culture, race and religion risked their own lives to save mine. Those events caused me to recognize that each one of us is a thread woven into the fabric of the universe — a tiny, but necessary, part of the whole.

With the right mindset we can focus on the similarities that connect us rather than the differences, a realization that brings with it a sense of purpose and responsibility. It is my core belief that separation is an illusion that we can choose not to cultivate.

It took great effort to undo my own cultural conditioning. I was born in Tel Aviv in 1959 to good parents who were Eastern European Jews and refugees from the Second World War. When you grow up in Israel, the memory of the Holocaust lives in the psyche of the nation and thousands of years of Jewish history and heritage form your identity. Israel works hard to shape the young for it must recruit every youth for its mere survival.

Now how can one shake such conditioning? Do people from different cultures, backgrounds or philosophies always have to clash? Can we overcome differences to work together as a team? Yes, we can — in the office, in our communities and at a global level.

I think a new world is emerging and change is happening swiftly. The best way to adapt is to let go of fear and trust that humanity has the ability to collaborate and thrive. Technology allows us to connect quickly beyond borders, scrutinize the actions of political and corporate leaders, and demand responsibility and accountability with a global voice that is growing in power.

Ours is a world abundant in resources that need to be distributed fairly and used sustainably. If we see the citizens of all nations as part of one global ecosystem that is connected and interdependent, we can shift from ruthless exploitation to collaboration.

I like to challenge old paradigms. For example, forget the pursuit of happiness. Why chase an elusive utopia when you can live right now with the ability to accept, adapt to and find meaning in whatever is happening? Rather than blaming others or searching for conspiracy theories I prefer to focus on what I can do to make a situation better.

Nothing can be achieved without a desire and a clear sense of purpose, devotion, courage and sacrifice. I feel that walking in life without purpose is the most dangerous of all paths. I can always improve life through my own positive thoughts and actions and by encouraging other people to join me in changing how they are influenced by the world and influence those around them.

Are you ready to join me?

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