Jaguars Don’t Need Self-help Books

This workshop is carefully designed to internalize and integrate the values, principles, and ideas presented during Yossi’s motivational We-volution keynote talk.

A master practitioner of corporate transformation, innovation, and adaptation, Yossi Ghinsberg introduces elements drawn from his book, The Laws of the Jungle. In his pioneering work, Yossi incorporates principles and guidelines he has gleaned from his own experiences in nature and relates them to effectively managing our personal and professional lives.

Yossi describes nine laws of nature that are relevant to our We-volution. These laws are well researched and sourced from a wide array of interdisciplinary sciences and fields such as quantum physics, religion and spirituality, anthropology, and environmental sciences as well as inspired by his contemplations and observations of the natural world.

One key rationale Yossi explores is that humans are the only species that seeks to separate and alienate itself from nature. Isolated and secluded we try to dominate nature or protect ourselves from it. Yossi challenges his audience to expand their horizons and see the big picture because as humans many of us have forgotten that it is our birthright to feel part of our planet.

This unique, cutting-edge thinking that provokes and challenges the conventional intrigues audiences. It suggests an alternative, innovative outlook on life and illustrates new paths of action towards success. Empowering and encouraging, Yossi’s The Laws of the Jungle teaches that when we take responsibility we find power.

Teaching The Laws of the Jungle to audiences has a tremendous and direct impact, bringing breakthroughs and transformations to both individuals and organizations.

When you need employees to think unconventionally and out of the box, booking Yossi’s The Laws of the Jungle Workshop will engage and inspire.