As a gifted storyteller, Yossi has developed entertaining keynote topics designed to inspire and sow seeds of growth and positive transformation in the hearts of corporate audiences.

Each of Yossi’s messages is wrapped in riveting original stories of adventure and resilience. Yossi, a master storyteller, recounts his tales of life and learning so that audiences feel as if they are right there with him.

Years of experience as a business keynote speaker have found Yossi before audiences of all sizes and from across a wide variety of industries. He is just as comfortable speaking on stage in front of thousands of people as he is in a more intimate boardroom setting with a dozen executives. Over the years Yossi has shared the stage with many of the world’s eminent public speakers, most memorably the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton.

Transformative Leadership Keynotes

As a gifted public speaker, Yossi connects with his audiences. He is able to organically tailor his keynote talks to ensure his message is meaningful to those gathered no matter what their background. The consummate professional motivational speaker, Yossi prepares and researches before each presentation and then relies on his ability to interpret the energy in the room to connect with everyone in his audience.

No matter when or where Yossi has delivered a keynote talk his audience is spellbound as he shares his stories and insights. They are as fascinated by his style of storytelling as they are inspired by his messages, which is why we typically hear “total engagement” as the feedback after Yossi speaks. You won’t see people in his audience fidgeting, watching the clock, or leaving for the restroom. If you want a keynote speaker who will deliver a memorable message that will make a lasting impression, you will want to book Yossi Ghinsberg.

Keynote topics to motivate and inspire

Yossi offers various different keynote topics for your consideration. While all are rich in content they do offer slightly different themes of interest to corporate businesses. He also offers in-depth integration sessions for each of these keynote topics:

‘The Power To Survive’ recounts the true story of Yossi’s survival against all odds in the Amazon jungle. Highly inspiring and motivating, Yossi uses his own experiences to instil a deep sense of empowerment and encourage everyone to believe in their own ability to meet adversity without giving up. He reignites passion, emboldening his audience to dream and take risks outside their comfort zones. More than just daring everyone to take chances, Yossi teaches his audience how to embrace change and embark on the path of a hero by taking action.

‘The We-volution Revolution’ uses Yossi’s amazing adventure building Chalalan Ecolodge, an eco-tourism resort in the heart of the Amazon that inspired the world. Through this fascinating story, Yossi articulates how he successfully adapted a timely idea and got ahead of the curve. He shows the power of vision in identifying new trends and values in the emerging new global market. Yossi shares his unique understanding of nature’s module of the eco-system with its internal design and principles. He talks about economic philosophy before and after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) with insights that are original, thought-provoking, and enlightening for any businesses facing change or looking to embrace new ideas. To internalize and integrate the values, principles, and ideas of the Wevolution keynote, Yossi also offers ‘The Laws of the Jungle’ workshop.

‘Sailing The Seas Of Change’ reframes how we think about change. Recognizing that many people can’t help but dread or resist change, Yossi doesn’t lecture. Instead, he takes the audience on a journey to give them a fresh perspective about new developments and corporate transformation. This keynote will give people confidence to navigate new challenges and the tools to adapt to anything thrown their way.

Ready to join the world’s leading corporations and meet a free-thinker whose ideas are timely and contagious? Book Yossi Ghinsberg to deliver a keynote talk at your next corporate event.