“Every once in awhile one is privileged to be part of something very very special – and this was certainly one of those times.”
Gilbert Enoka, Mental Skills Coach
“an injection of much needed oxygen for the
sales force and the management team”
Bert Wong, CEO Asia Pacific
“Yossi is the ultimate blow them away, bring the house down kind of speaker.”
Leanne Christie, Founder & CEO,

Motivational speaker


here are many people who have the skills and understanding necessary to be effective when it comes to public speaking. However, not all speakers have what it takes to command an audience, making them effective keynote speakers. When choosing the right keynote speaker for your ceremony, it is necessary to choose a speaker that can command your audience properly and can maintain their attention long enough to get their message out. were totally riveted, hanging on your evd set which is necessary in order to meet the demands of corporate culture, including the perfect balance of a passion for excellence, a dedication to the journey and a balance of mental toughness. YOSSI GHINSBERG is a world explorer and epic storyteller who travels all across the world in order to impact the lives of people on both a professional and personal level.

"...Yossi have met world leaders and cooperated with global institutions and organizations, he shared the stage with celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, the late Wayne Dyer and many more."

YOSSI GHINSBERG works to share his knowledge of business practices by delivering keynote presentations which work to develop productivity in the workplace and highly recognized for the enlightening and innovative presentations that he makes in order to share his ideas with industry leaders and is a well regarded professional speaker, most notably a hospitality speaker and multinational keynote speaker with a long history of highly successful event, conference, and keynote speeches. His professional approach, innovative concepts and deep knowledge of strategy holds up against the most sophisticated and experienced audiences.

How To Become The Best Keynote speaker


he speeches of a keynote speaker are an essential part of any presentation since this is usually the part where the key points of the event are being highlighted and discussed. so, it is every organizer’s goal to choose only the best speaker out there because picking the right one will certainly ensure the success of the event wherein the key points will be understood by most of the target audience. If you are aspiring to be the best speaker that can definitely deliver the best speeches then you will have to consider what will be discussed on the next paragraphs. It is important to remember that if you want to be the best then you better believe in your abilities, your skills and in your inborn talents. This is because if you truly believe in yourself, you will keep on going even if you are faced with different challenges. You will keep standing up after every fall. Nothing can stop you from becoming the best of the best because nothing can shake you up from your beliefs. You will see failure as the stepping-stone in order to reach the sweet success. Your power comes from your beliefs and with it you can craft the best speeches that has even been crafted.

Of course, in order to fully utilize your power, you will also need knowledge. Knowing everything about your clients and knowing the topics of the event will allow you to craft speeches that are relevant to the subject matter. Research is an important part of the equation and without it, you will only be able to craft speeches that are in general terms. Good speeches convey the main idea in a way that the audience can easily understand and speaking in general will not properly convey the specific points that you want to impart. so, do your homework and research well in order that you can craft speeches that are rich in details. Once you feel that you are now ready to stand in any stages to deliver your awesome speeches, then you better inform the organizers around your area. If you want to contact them then you can do so but if you are somebody that likes to have a lot of choices and you want them to contact you instead then it is highly suggested that you go and advertise your services. You can print flyers, post your services on the newspapers, lease a billboard, rent an ad spot on related web pages and so on.




Knowledge is one of the top qualities that determine how useful a keynote speaker is to a business. The speaker should be able to discuss the topic with confidence while encouraging involvement or change. A good speaker can educate an audience on a topic, but a great keynote speaker can get results and action. Many businesses choose to use motivating speakers because they want to encourage employees or other groups to do something. This type of speaker may not do as well for discussing topics in highly technical areas.


Speakers are used by businesses, schools, charity groups, and support groups to both motivate and teach. The best keynote speakers for teaching must have reputable knowledge of the topic to be respected by the audience. Events that serve the purpose of motivating people to change their lives or do better at work are more naturally suited for motivating or inspiring speakers. A speaker will provide better results if they fit the topic and purpose of the event.



roductive speakers have specific qualities that make them thrive. These qualities cannot be found in every speaker and it is vital to know what they are when you are seeking for the best keynote speakers. Common qualities that are seen in most speakers are topic knowledge, elevated energy, and a sense of direction. Qualities such as these are not an option but a necessity when a speaker is trying to involve an audience and convey a message to them. someone that speaks in a monotone voice and seems unsure of what they are saying is not going to be very believable to an audience. Keep this in mind when hiring a speaker for an event. The speaker should fit the expertise needed and have the ability to create the right results. Event the best speaker can fail if they do not suit the event. Great speakers can read facial expressions and use them to better interact with the audience. They have practiced presenting facts and information so that it is attractive and interesting. speakers that enjoy talking to people and have a great personality will always do better at events because they can connect with many different types of audience members and communicate easily with large groups.


Keynote Motivational speakers entertain the audience while educating them at the same time. They are beneficial to any business or group that needs a little motivation and new ideas. speakers that are more charismatic and friendly make the best motivational keynote speakers. Their optimism creates a confident setting and in turn creates more confidence in the audience members. The best speakers can use both humor and subject relevance for their presentation. A motivating keynote speaker must be able to listen and read cues from audience members. This allows them to change their tone or add to the presentation to keep their attention. A speaker with these qualities is guaranteed to provide a better presentation that will be benefit attendees. This result is desired by every business holding an event and finding the best speaker can make it happen.

Keynote speaker

A Remarkable story of a Motivational Speaker of All time

It may be a cash flow problem that brings your company to the edge of the abyss but it will be an unmotivated work force that provides that final, painful push, launching your dreams into a black hole from which there is no return. A motivational speaker is the guardian steering your people away from pending disaster and placing them purposefully on the path to a powerful recovery.

Choose a top motivational speaker, someone who has a proven ability to motivate and inspire, and he or she will guarantee your people will be motivated and inspired sufficiently to inject your company with a shot of enthusiasm carefully designed and measured to provide your desired outcome. A motivational speaker can administer a motivating medication for an illness so severe that, were it to be left untreated, it could, and for many will, prove fatal.

There is a saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ that is, of course, assuming you’re not a diabetic, when Insulin is likely to lie somewhere high on your list. (Humor is an essential ingredient in motivation). Think of a motivational speaker as an apothecary who provides the Insulin, and your organization, a living body that has desired needs and essential requirements. Fail to meet those needs and the body will function to a degree for a time, but will eventually succumb to one or more of a long list of potentially fatal consequences.


Many companies don’t even appreciate they need the services of a motivational speaker. They have become so used to working with an unmotivated work force, they think the atmosphere in which they function is the norm and they survive in a state of unenthused apathy that they believe is an ethos most companies are also performing in.

Nothing is further from the truth. To continue my analogy with illness, in the USA there are believed to be 8 million diabetics who don’t know they have the condition. They do not even suspect they are ill. Their body has become so used to a ‘below par’ feeling they accept and assume how they feel is normal. Diabetes is not normal and untreated it can be a killer!

Tragically, undiagnosed diabetics don’t appreciate how they may be heading towards some serious problems such as liver disease or cancer, stroke, heart attack, restricted circulation eventually requiring amputation, kidney failure, blindness and even death. This is why health authorities worldwide are so concerned with a diabetes epidemic that threatens us all. They understand that by identifying diabetics and treating their condition they will not only dramatically improve the quality of life of the diabetics, they will also, in a relatively short period of time, save themselves lots of money. They are investing in the future.

When recession finally sets in, unmotivated workforces will grow to epidemic proportions. Quality, motivational speakers are few and far between. If you want to invest in the future of your company you would be wise to seek out the services of a top motivational speaker now. It could save you lots of money and your company too!

The best motivational speakers are extremely skilled in what they do. Engage a top motivational speaker and you can be reassured your people, having been treated, will be motivated and inspired to offer you your best chance in these difficult times of recession.

The best motivational speakers don’t have ‘off days’. This is why a top motivational speaker will totally guarantee his or her work. Choose a motivational speaker who is prepared to invoice you after you have witnessed how well they have motivated and inspired your people.

The very best motivational speakers are confident and experienced enough to let you determine whether they have value for money. Be totally satisfied before you pay them their fee. You have little to lose and lots to gain. A good motivational speaker is uplifting and resonates with his audience. However, the best speaker will blend the proper substantive information with humor for truly lasting results.

Now is the time to inject a shot of motivation into your people. Don’t wait until it’s too late seek out a top motivational speaker and invest in your future.

Getting interesting?

When talking about the best motivational speakers on today’s circuit; a lengthy career, prolific work, honors, and the respect of their crowd and peers, are crucial variables to consider. That is why Yossi Ghinsberg is such an obvious choice for inclusion in any list of motivational greats.

Yossi Ghinsberg is an Israeli public speaker using a distinct style. Using his lengthy and varied profession — and his string of accomplishments – he has an established record of encouraging crowds and doing so using a spark of personality that you will be hard-pressed to find in a lot of other possibilities of motivational speakers. His strengths lie in leadership, sales and communication, so he is a fashionable option amongst organizations looking to motivate their staff. He has overcome personal tragedies in order to become a “success” in spite of his background and upbringing.

A real cosmopolitan figure, Yossi travels the world for business and personal explorations. He has Philosophy and Business degrees from Tel Aviv University. An avid entrepreneur Yossi was involved in many endeavors from Amazon Sustainable Development through Detoxification of Opiate addiction to digital startup in Silicon Valley.

Ghinsberg has had a string of diverse and prosperous jobs during his career, starting with writing of motivational books when he was in his teens. Yossi Ghinsberg knows survival like no one else, and he knows why it is important for businesses to learn and embed these survival principles. Yossi advises leaders and teams worldwide on how to awaken their ‘Day to Day Hero,’ and follow a set of natural survival skill we all forgot we possess. No matter what circumstances we face we are never a victim. Yossi’s unique insights are counter-intuitive, mind-bending and nothing short of transformational for individuals and organizations today.

Yossi knows that the old Darwinian approach is, wrong, limiting and dated, and yet so prevalent. There is a new way of thinking, there is new science behind it, but Yossi brings you also his own personal experiences and the insights he has learned directly from living in the Amazon rainforest for three years in a remote village of indigenous people.

When it comes to his important works, he has seen success working for a number of enterprises and has contributed to a variety of journal and papers. He is most recognized, aside from his motivational speaking, for his books, Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival and Laws of the Jungle: Jaguars Don’t Need Self-Help Books. Jungle is the incredible true story of Yossi Ghinsberg’s triumph over the most adverse and frightening of circumstances. It is a tale of survival and human fortitude against the wildest backdrop on the planet. While laws of the jungle, Ghinsberg shares the profound truths the treacherous Amazon taught him. These nine revelations inspire personal consciousness and an evolved perspective on our nature — as humans and as beasts.

Because of his entertainment background and time as a stand-up comic, Yossi has the unique and characteristic trait of bringing humor and with to his work. He is a speaker that can draw in his spectators and attract them in using his jokes, but he can additionally convey a lasting message. Many of the individuals that have seen his talks through their company have remarked on how much value for the money that Ghinsberg provides.

Reviews show that the speed and magnitude of facts is extremely high given the time he takes, yet in spite of this everything he argues feels of really worth and those that have come to hear him feel that they are going away with something useful away with them.

Booking a Motivational speaker — Yossi Ghinsberg

If, and that’s a big if, you book the right motivational speaker for your event or meeting, he or she will bring the house down and the audience will excitedly be talking about what they heard long after the event. A good speaker will motivate even the average employee’s performance to the scale of superb and brilliant. Therefore you need to make sure that you choose the right speaker. Most of the times, the best way to go about choosing the right motivational speaker is to choose a speaker that has the proven ability to motivate and inspire people.

When you get your audience motivated and enthused about your product or service, this generates enthusiasm among those in attendance, which benefits your company or organization. However, choosing the wrong speaker, which happens too often, who turns out not to be the least bit motivational but painfully lackluster and forgettable isn’t going to do a thing to benefit your company or product. Your audience will be yawning and fighting sleep, checking their smartphones, wishing they were anywhere but stuck listening to the guy drone on and on. Just because a person sells himself as a motivational speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that he cuts the mustard when it’s show time.

Consider this:

  1. #1. You must book a speaker who is a good match for the group. Ghinsberg is a professional who customizes his program for the specific audience he will be addressing and who blends cutting edge information that motivates and informs along with humor.
  2. #2. The goal is for the speaker to motivate, educate and entertain. Do not underestimate the value of humor. He Inserts anecdotes into a presentation, particularly those that are funnier than the dickens and will have the crowd roaring, is a great way to capture and connect with the audience.
  3. #3. The speaker should present solutions to the audience that can be utilized ASAP. Yossi Ghinsberg offers information that is powerful and which applies to change, communication and success.
  4. #4. You are going to have to do some research and some investigative legwork if you want to make your booking because he probably isn’t going to fall into your lap. When you do an internet search for good speaker, you would most likely get a thousand hits. With all these hits it can be very difficult for you to choose the right speaker. Therefore, the best way to do filter through this list is to look at the ones that have a video of themselves on the website. When they have this, you can look at the speakers in action and judge for yourself if they are any good or not. This way you can be sure that the speaker would work for you. Being and watching the speaker live will give you the best taste of the flavor that the speaker can bring to your conference. This speaker has videos of his presentations and also has a website which you can go to and watch his presentations. This is an excellent way of weeding out those speakers who aren’t so motivational after all. Decide what content is appropriate for the audience that will be addressed and discuss this with the speaker and also ask about his approach. Some motivational speakers are almost exclusively entertaining, tossing in just a bit of a motivational message. Ghinsberg is a type of speaker who blends his humor to fit the message that you want imparted.
Ghinsberg’s style and reputation have brought on him to become among the most recognizable and respected motivational speakers on the circuit. This success has put him at the top of his game and earned him the opportunity to share the stage with luminaries such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Waye Dyre, and many more. For this reason, and due to all the respected work talked about above, there is an apparent name to include when compiling a list of top motivational speakers — Yossi Ghinsberg.

A Motivational Speaker of Extraordinary Inspiration

Good motivational speakers are storytellers who have led exceptional lives or learned vital lessons from unusual circumstances. They have had to use innovative thinking and draw on reserves of courage, determination and self-belief to succeed or sometimes just to survive. A great motivational speaker is able to take these life lessons and deliver them in an engaging way that is not just entertaining but also meaningful. The best motivational speakers adapt their personal stories to make them relevant and accessible to a modern business audience, whether they are employees with a Fortune 500 company or an innovative startup.

This is where Yossi is extraordinary.

His experiences fighting to survive are astonishing, but his skilful storytelling is what truly inspires people from diverse backgrounds and industries. A confident and captivating public speaker, Yossi weaves practical universal themes into his stories that transcend his personal experience and are relevant in the corporate world. He enthrals his audience with his life’s adventures as he delivers powerful messages of believing in yourself, finding the strength to face unforeseen challenges and innovating to stay ahead of the pack.

Such an ability to reach a broad demographic with messages that resonate is a gift that has led to some incredible motivational speaking opportunities. Yossi has been booked by many of the world’s leading businesses and has shared the stage with speakers such as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson.

Audience members say Yossi leaves them with a lasting sense of being able to overcome any challenge and achieve anything they want. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for a business meeting, corporate event or industry conference who is captivating, inspiring and memorable for all the right reasons you have found exactly that in Yossi Ghinsberg. Your audience will be entertained and motivated to take action in their own lives.

Ready to inspire? Book Yossi as a motivational speaker for your event now or contact him for more details about his motivational speaking.

“You rank number one in my experience – I am honored to be a reference.”
Chris Varelas, Head of National Investment Bank
“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.”
John Zaharakis, General Manager Conferences & Events
“They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date.”
Amanda Brooks, Content & Programme Design
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