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The ex-Harry Potter actor stars in Jungle, a harrowing survival thriller in which he plays a man forced to fend for his life alone in the Bolivian Amazon jungle. It's based on the true story of Yossi Ghinsberg


Primeiro trailer do thriller Jungle estrelado por Daniel Radcliffe.
Yossi Ghinsberg, jeune aventurier à la recherche d’une tribu amazonienne, décide de partir dans la jungle avec deux amis et un guide au passé mystérieux. Leur périple va vite tourner à la catastrophe quand ils vont décider de partir chacun de leur côté.

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Jungle clip: Daniel Radcliffe battles for his life in this nailbiting first look (exclusive)
Based on an incredible true story, ‘Jungle’ sees the ‘Harry Potter’ star pushing himself to the limit with an extraordinary performance as Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli backpacker who finds himself stranded in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.
Bendigo filmmaker to unveil two new films
The first, adventure thriller Jungle, premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and will screen as part of the festival’s roadshow at Eaglehawk’s Star Cinema this weekend.
Daniel Radcliffe's survival skills are tested in new Jungle trailer
In the based-on-real-events survival-thriller Jungle, Daniel Radcliffe plays Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli backpacker who, together with two friends, set off from the Bolivian city of La Paz on what was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime.
‘Jungle’ Trailer: It’s Daniel Radcliffe Versus Mother Nature
In the years since Daniel Radcliffe finished the Harry Potter franchise, the British actor has taken on a wide variety of intriguing roles. Having made enough money from the series that made him famous, he’s free to take on roles that are truly unique and interest him as an artist rather than being desperate to keep acting for a paycheck. Another one of those movies is coming this fall.
Daniel Radcliffe filmed survival movie in Colombia
Daniel Radcliffe's survival movie Jungle filmed wilderness scenes on location in Colombia and on the east coast of Australia.
Film Review: Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Jungle’
'Wolf Creek' director Greg McLean brings some of his horror smarts to this true-life survival thriller, starring Daniel Radcliffe as a stranded backpacker.
Daniel Radcliffe’s Gap Year Turns Terrifying in First ‘Jungle’ Trailer
The first trailer Daniel Radcliffe’s new project Jungle has arrived, and damn is it scary. The film finds Radcliffe traveling the world on a gap year-type adventure that goes drastically wrong.
Daniel Radcliffe in Jungle
Daniel Radcliffe plays stranded adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg in Jungle.
Film Lineup, US PREMIERE! Jungle 2017 at MIFF
US PREMIERE! Daniel Radcliffe joins Wolf Creek director Greg McLean in the Bolivian rainforest for a gloriously gruesome and tense survival thriller based on a real-life story.
Lost, starving, close to death: Yossi Ghinsberg and the gift that keeps on giving
It was never going to be a stroll in the woods, but Yossi Ghinsberg claims his Amazon adventure was worth every moment of pain.
Jungle trailer: Daniel Radcliffe unravels the true story of travellers, watch video
Jungle trailer: Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming film just disillusioned us about the life of a traveller. In between dangerous hiking scenes, and glimpses of injured bodies, we get to see the harsh reality about surviving in the thick, dense forest of Amazon.
Daniel Radcliffe is Lost in the Amazon in ‘Jungle’ Trailer
Daniel Radcliffe is lost in the Amazon in the upcoming survival-drama Jungle, directed by Aussie helmer Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, The Belko Experiment).
RADCLIFFE'S RETURN When is Jungle out? Adventure film starring Daniel Radcliffe – UK release date, cast and first trailer
Jungle will premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August 2017.The Australian adventure is scheduled for released in the US later this year.A UK release date has not been confirmed
Daniel Radcliffe Goes Full Revenant in the Intense Jungle Trailer
Based on Yossi Ghinsberg's book of the same name, it's a true story. Radcliffe plays Ghinsberg, Israeli accent at all, as he gets separated from his guide and friends in the Amazon, and has to fend off the elemental threats and find his way home.
Daniel Radcliffe Heads into ‘Wolf Creek’ Director’s ‘Jungle’
aniel Radcliffe joins director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue, The Belko Experiment) in the Bolivian rainforest for tense survival thriller Jungle, based on the bestselling real-life story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg.
Voldemort's got nothing on the Amazon rainforest in Daniel Radcliffe's 'Jungle'
Welcome to the jungle, Daniel Radcliffe.Directed by Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek), Jungle stars Radcliffe as real-life adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg. In 1981, Ghinsberg traveled into uncharted territory in the Amazon forest and wound up stranded there for three weeks.
Harry Potter gets lost in the Amazon in MIFF opening night film Jungle
The Melbourne Film Festival will open with a thrilling true story of survival from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean.
Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF 2017) has announced that it will open its 66th year with the world premiere of Greg McLean’s JUNGLE, starring Daniel Radcliffe. The gala opening night kicks off the festival on 3 August.
Harry Potter gets lost in the Amazon in MIFF opening night film Jungle
The Melbourne Film Festival will open with a thrilling true story of survival from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean.
Yossi Ghinsberg on Yahoo TV: Surviving three weeks lost in the Amazon
Separated from his group in the jungle, a young Yossi Ghinsberg had no supplies or survival skills. Now, his story is heading to the big screen, starring Daniel Radcliffe
Seven Questions With... Yossi Ghinsberg
His energy is peaceful, yet stirring, and his positivity contagious. Whether Yossi’s magnetic demeanour is the result of a kaleidoscopic life, that’s seen him through perilous jungles and more, or inherited is unclear. What’s crystalline is that he endeavours to use every moment given to him in a gainful way...
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The man, the myth, the legend. Yossi Ghinsberg is a writer of books, a humanitarian and all round optimist.
In 1981, Yossi spent three weeks stranded in the Bolivian Amazon, a story which has been told in his book ‘Jungle’. In late 2017, Yossi’s tale of adventure, survival and determination will come to life on the big screen in the major film ‘Jugle’ with Daniel Radcliffe portraying Yossi.
Yossi Ghinsberg Keynote Speaker, Influencer, Explorer, Entrepreneur
The author of ‘Jungle’ a bestselling book about his adventures in the Amazon, has sold over a million copies worldwide. Aired on the Discovery Channel’s hit series, ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ and soon released as a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe is Getting More Adventurous with New Movie 'Jungle' & New Career in Theater
After Daniel Radcliffe's 'Swiss Army Man,' the 27-year-old actor continues to explore his adventurous taste for films with his upcoming movie'Jungle.'
In the midst of the unchartered Amazon, after losing his three companions alone and bare to the bone, one man was tested to the extreme for three harrowing weeks of sheer survival, against all odds and that man, my friend Yossi Ghinsberg is here with us at GDA in studio today and will be the guest of our podcast
Berlin: Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Thriller 'Jungle' (Exclusive)
Greg McLean is directing the film about a young adventurer who heads into the Amazon in what turns out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition.
Yossi Ghinsberg live on BBC - share the story of #survival on @bbc_whys
After the incredible story of the Australian man who survived being pinned down by his digger in a waterhole by keeping his nose above water, we hear other people who have survived against the odds talk about how the experience has shaped their lives.
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Clients regularly ask us for Speakers that will inspire their audiences with stories of courage, bravery and over-coming adversity. Based on feedback and reviews from our clients here are the 10 highest rated Inspiring Speakers
Israeli's survival story reaches Hollywood
American actor Kevin Bacon to star in 'Jungle,' a thriller based on the true story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, who was lost in the Amazon rainforest for three weeks in 1981
Daniel Radcliffe takes a harrowing journey into the Amazon in new role
Welcome to the Jungle, Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter actor will star in an adaptation of Jungle: a True Story of Survival, which follows Yossi Ghinsberg and his two friends’ ill-fated expedition into the Amazon.
Daniel Radcliffe to star in adaptation of Summersdale title
Lost in the Jungle was used as the source material for the film 'Jungle' written Justin Monju. Summersdale is going to re-release Lost in the Jungle as Jungle by in 2017
Parque Madidi, rico em biodiversidade e em histórias
Quando Yossi Ghinsberg, jovem israelense de 22 anos, chegou à Bolívia no começo da década de 80, em busca de aventura, jamais imaginou que estaria perdido e sozinho no meio da floresta por três semanas
'Jungle' cast takes shape for Arclight Films
Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, and Yasmin Kassim will join Daniel Radcliffe on the thriller.
Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell Join Daniel Radcliffe in Thriller 'Jungle'
Thomas Kretschmann and Alex Russell will be joining Daniel Radcliffe in the Jungle. The thriller, which is set to begin shooting in Australia later this year, is based on memoir of the same name by Yossi Ghinsberg and follows the story of three young men who enter the Amazonian jungle with a mysterious guide
Cast Fills Out; Heads to the Jungle
More casting news has come to light for Greg McLean’s new film as THR is reporting that Thomas Kretschmann and Alex Russell will be joining Daniel Radcliffe in the Jungle.
Yossi Ghinsberg retells his incredible, true-life story of survival in the Amazon
Yossi Ghinsberg retells the story of his harrowing 1981 escape from the Bolivian jungle, soon to be a major motion picture
Daniel Radcliffe on alcoholism, starving himself, Harry Potter - and the day he fell in love
Yossi Ghinsberg retells the story of his harrowing 1981 escape from the Bolivian jungle, soon to be a major motion picture
Unexpected Adventure in Bolivia of Brat Pack Member Emilio Estevez : Drug scare: Incident features false allegations of drug trafficking, an upset film star and a Learjet confiscated by the Bolivians.
Estevez, the son of actor Martin Sheen and brother of actor Charlie Sheen, has appeared in such films as 'Young Guns', 'The Breakfast Club', 'That Was Then, This Is Now', 'Tex', 'St. Elmo's Fire' and 'Stakeout'. He has also tried his hand as a screenwriter, producer and director.
לבד באמזונס: שלושה שבועות ללא תקווה
שלושה שבועות לבד באמזונס, במקום שלא מתועד בשום מפה, בלי עזרה, בלי אף אחד ובלי תקווה. זו לא התחלה של סרט, גם לא סיפור הרפתקאות מומצא, יוסי גינסברג חווה את זה בעצמו ועכשיו הוא חוזר לשטח
BBC World Service - The Food Chain, Survival Stories: Fish bacon for breakfast, Waiting for a monkey to fall from a tree
Sixteen years ago, a young Israeli named Yossi Ghinsberg flipped his handmade raft on Bolivia's Tuichi River, a tributary of the Amazon, and found himself lost in the jungle for three agonizing weeks. A lot of people are very glad he did.
Waiting for a monkey to fall from a tree
Yossi Ghinsberg was lost in the Amazon rainforest for 20 days back in 1981. He scavenged eggs from nests, tried all the fruits of the forest, and hoped desperately for a monkey to fall from a tree.
Daniel Radcliffe's New Look For Upcoming Movie 'Jungle'
All Daniel Radcliffe's Movies, News & Rumors, In Case You Were Wand-ering.
Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Followed Starvation Diet for Jungle Movie
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been spending his days lately getting into character for his role in Jungle, adapted from the true story of Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, a young adventurer who gets lost in the Bolivian jungle in the Amazon.
Las calles en Rurre están vacías
Tras las peripecias que vivió perdido en la selva, Ghinsberg escribió un libro. Su historia fue llevada al cine. Esta semana estuvo en Bolivia y habló sobre su experiencia, El Bala y la situación crítica del turismo.
גם אני חזרתי מטואיצ'י
סמנכ'ל השיווק של החברה הגיאוגרפית ניר פדרבוש היה בן 11.5 כשקרא לראשונה את הספר 'בחזרה מטואיצ'י'. כעבור כמעט 30 שנה הוא זכה במסגרת תפקידו ,לרגל חגיגות 40 שנה לחברה הגיאוגרפית, ליזום את מסע החזרה לטואיצ'י עם מחבר הספר יוסי גינסברג ולכתוב את רשמיו ביומן מסע מיוחד
FIRST LOOK: Daniel Radcliffe in New Movie ‘Jungle’
Daniel’s next movie signals another change in direction for the Woman in Black star. Based on a real-life account by Yossi Ghinsberg, Jungle tells the story of a young adventurer (Radcliffe) who heads into the Amazon in what turns out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition.
Cooke Optics' Anamorphic/i lenses deployed on 'Jungle'
The forthcoming film Jungle, based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir, “Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival,” was shot with Cooke Anamorphic/i lenses. The film recounts Ghinsberg’s 1982 journey through the Amazon where he ended up alone for three weeks before being found and rescued.
Daniel Radcliffe Cast in Psychological Thriller 'Jungle'
Daniel Radcliffe is ready to venture into the Jungle. The actor will star in the thriller based on Yossi Ghinsberg's memoir about his trip into the Amazon.
Daniel Radcliffe Cast in Psychological Thriller 'Jungle'
He might be one of the most vocal preservationists of monkeys in the Amazon rainforest, yet when it came to it, he had to eat them to survive.
What You Can Learn About Finding Success From The Man Who Was Lost In the Jungle
I invited Yossi to Mixergy to talk about his experience and teach us what he learned from it. Below, I excerpted a few lines from the interview that I want you to notice. It’s from the section of the program where he talked about how a terrible situation helped him find his survival instinct
The unending mystery
YOUNG adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg was thrown from his raft in an uncharted area of the Bolivian jungle and swept down the rapids of the Tuichi River. He spent the next 20 days on his own, trying to find his way out.
'I was obsessed with the idea of exploration', Yossi Ghinsberg told CNN Traveller magazine on the recent release of his book Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Adventure and Survival.
Escape from the Amazon
After a jungle trek turns sour, a group of adventurers make a fatal decision to split up.
A Powerful Story of Self-Discovery, Survival in the Wild : BACK FROM TUICHI: The Harrowing Life-and-Death Story of Survival in the Amazon Rainforest, by Yossi Ghinsberg
All great stories of survival start out as something else--an airplane fight over the Andes, a cruise around the world by sailboat, or, in the case of Yossi Ghinsberg's 'Back From Tuichi', an expedition into the Amazon rain forest in search of gold, wild animals and natives.
CNN LARRY KING LIVE - I Shouldn't Be Alive
We now welcome to LARRY KING LIVE Yossi Ghinsberg, also part of the program 'I Shouldn't Be Alive.'<br /> He took a spontaneous trek into the Amazon jungle of Bolivia with three other people. The tour guide promised a quick trek to an undiscovered ancient village. Thirty days later, only two of the four came out alive.
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DojoLIVE! - Featuring Yossi Ghinsberg
The author of ‘Jungle’ a bestselling book about his adventures in the Amazon, has sold over a million copies worldwide. Aired on the Discovery Channel’s hit series, ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ and soon released as a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe
Blinq Enhances Your Favorite Messaging Applications With Extra Information
A new mobile application called Blinq is launching today into public beta to add a layer of contextual information to your favorite mobile messaging applications. Founder Yossi Ghinsberg
'מקבלים שבת עם דב אלבוים - פרשת 'וישב
תוכנית ראיונות אישית עם דב אלבוים.<br /> שיחה על רקע פרשת השבוע המאפשרת פרשנות באור חדש וחופשי.
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בחזרה מטואיצ'י – מה יש ליוסי גינסברג ללמד אתכם על יזמות
יוסי גינסברג הוא יזם ומחבר הספר 'בחזרה מטואיצ'י' (בקרוב הסרט בכיכובו של דניאל רדקליף). הספר מספר את סיפור הישרדותו המופלא של יוסי בלב האמזונס. הספר הוא אחד מהספרים הידועים ביותר בספרי הז´אנר התרמילאי. 'בחזרה מטואיצ'י' תורגם לשש שפות, ראה אור ב-15 מדינות והפך לרב-מכר בינלאומי.
Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell Join Daniel Radcliffe in Thriller 'Jungle'
Joel Jackson and Yasmin Kassim will also star in the film, based on the Yossi Ghinsberg-penned memoir.
Transcending Through Social Impact and Long-term Vision
The author of ‘Jungle’ a bestselling book about his adventures in the Amazon, has sold over a million copies worldwide. Aired on the Discovery Channel’s hit series, ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ and soon released as a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe