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Corporate motivational speaker

Yossi Ghinsberg on the stage


Motivational speaker, also known as an inspirational speaker; is an expert who gives a presentation/speech aimed at motivating and inspiring the target audience. Usually, he or she has a reputation as an expert on the topic discussed, and has the ability to stir up or motivate the target audience to see possibility in any difficult circumstance.


Corporate came from Latin word corporatus; of or belonging to a corporation or body.A corporate motivational speaker specializes on corporate organizations and it is believed to have wealth of experiences in this regard.Qualities of Corporate Motivational speaker Whatever the specific tasks that a corporate motivational speaker must perform; some specific qualities cannot be over emphasized, in the course of their duty discharge as a corporate motivational speaker. Therefore, physical fitness is not just enough for the performance of functions as a corporate motivational speaker but also through a number of qualities that will be discussed below.

Physical qualities:

These qualities have to do with the appearance of the speaker, it is not how handsome, beautiful or having an impressive physique. It implies the fulfillment of a series of simple guidelines that allow him to communicate his personality, in such a way that will be pleasing in the sight of the audience.

Personal cleanliness

This constitutes the cleanliness, care, composure and disposition of the body. A corporate motivational speaker conveys a pleasant impression in the sight of the audience. The hairstyle, makeup etc. creates a pleasant atmosphere for the speaker and also appealing to the audience.

The outfit

To a motivational speaker especially a keynote motivational speaker, It is like a work uniform, the outfit should be able to fit perfectly into each meeting, also portray and communicate the principles of elegance, cleanliness and a right combination of clothes and colors .

The positive mental attitude

Condition of the mind; for a speaker to motivate an audience, being in positive state of mind is very important, this gives the speaker an inner drive that helps in efficient discharge of information to achieve the desired goal. A negative mental attitude can possibly affect the level of confidence, therefore, every speaker should work towards positive mental attitude.

Good physical health

A speaker with a toothache, headache, or severe belly pain, will not be able to effectively express himself or even perform his duty. It is advisable to periodically go to the doctor for a general checkup and avoid unpleasant surprises. It must be combined with a good diet and morning exercises to build a healthy lifestyle.

Intellectual qualities

These qualities are ability to know, to understand and to reason, a set of inherent characteristics that every speaker must develop and use effectively. These qualities of mental activity are available to all and only require proper application when needed.


Being able to remember names, faces, situations and the exact location of documents or things, is a prerequisite in the work of a corporate motivational speaker, it enables the speaker to easily disseminate information easily when needed. Remembering the location of documents and things, gives the speaker an edge during motivational talk. The memory is exercised through thorough observation, retention and recall. A perfect example is Yossi Ghinsberg’s story of how he survived in the Amazon, this was later told and served as inspiration to others.


It consists of the faculty of mentally reproducing absent objects to create and combine mental images of something not seen before or nonexistent. Psychologists distinguish between passive imaginations (which retrieves images previously perceived by the senses) and constructive or creative imagination (by which the mind produces images of events or objects).


It is associated with the ability to perceive and feel emotional state of joy, grief, sorrow, compassion and tenderness. It is a quality of human beings. There are some speakers who seem insensitive to the pain of others, giving the impression of not being interested in the feelings of their audience, a speaker at a corporate event who is sensitive to the feeling of the audience is most likely win the affection and attention of the audience.


It is the drive that pushes one to do something out of free will without external push or motivation, it involves the action of getting ahead of others in taking action. Ability to initiate ideas adds to what makes up a motivational speaker.

Moral qualities

The moral is related to the customs and rules of behavior of a given society. By extension, we can say that is the set of standards of behavior expected of a speaker, so that there is consistency between what he preaches and does, in the exercise of their professional work.


Act with honesty means not to turn away from the moral standards established by the profession. In the course of duty discharge as a motivational speaker, honesty is a tool in sensitive conversation, the audience will appreciate a speaker whose yes is always yes. The lack of honesty means a moral lack to the profession and the loss of prestige to speaker’s personality.


It is the quality of doing things promptly, diligently and in due time. It is an attitude of being accurate in doing things in time and reaching the agreed destination at the appointed time. Napoleon Bonaparte used to say: “time is the time … five minutes before time, not the time, five minutes after the time is not the time. And concluded by saying: I can lose a battle but never a minute; Battles recover, time never” punctuality in essence is a quality that every speaker must practice and internalize in his subconscious.


It is an act of expressing oneself free of pretense and lies. It involves speaking truth without alteration. In the mouth of the liar everything becomes a doubt, but on the lips of a sincere person, everything is credible and accepted with confidence. A motivational speaker at corporate events must be sincere in both what he says and what he does.


It is the quality of being loyal; That is, to become a person incapable of betraying people’s trust, or to be incapable of deceiving those who have given him their vote of confidence. It is said that loyalty inspires the performance of noble and even sacrificial actions. More than a quality, it is a virtue that every speaker should practice daily as part of his ethical and moral behavior.

Objective of a corporate motivational speaker

The main objective of the motivational speaker is to motivate and inspire people both emotionally and mentally, and help them have a positive perspective towards life and believe in themselves. Naturally people tend to focus more on their problems rather than a means of solution, a motivational speaker directs the thoughts of the audience to endless possibilities instead of the problems by persuasive talk that can inspire and motivate.

Almost all the motivational speakers connect their own experiences with the audience. Not everyone knows how to evaluate their experiences and to determine whether he could have his benefit in the future. Motivational speaker constantly reflects his to see if he could be of benefit to the audience or “clients”.

There are several types of motivational speakers with different fields of expertise

Personal development — Speakers with expertise in this area inspire and guide people to find purpose and meaning of life.

Business — This type of keynote speakers encourage and guide business teams of different levels — from traders to executives. They usually have experience in real business and are willing to share their experiences on the road to success. Cultivate enthusiasm and help the team to formulate a common goal and to improve their work.

Mentoring for youths — The purpose of this type of speakers is to motivate children and young people, to excel in their desired career starting from school, to learn how to interact with others, to discover their vocation, etc.

Communities — motivating or inspiring society of people to achieving a common goal.

“You rank number one in my experience – I am honored to be a reference.”
Chris Varelas, Head of National Investment Bank
“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.”
John Zaharakis, General Manager Conferences & Events
“They were totally riveted, hanging on your every word! I can tell you that I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of the Summits I have attended to date.”
Amanda Brooks, Content & Programme Design

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